July 15, 2013

Awesome week

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Subject: one more down!

Ola Minha Familia!!!!
wow the weeks are flying by so so fast.
First to start off I’m gonna give a little layout of our week. So Tuesday we started off the morning with a guy named G. He was SO  so cool. One of the most prepared people I’ve ever met. He wasn’t even a reference or anything, just a guy we contacted in the street and then he actually read the pamphlet and called us. He wanted to learn about the Book of Mormon and read it as soon as possible. Really cool. He was like, I know this has to be true, because God wouldn't just abandon us after the bible was written, aside from the spiritual part, it just makes sense! All the American Indians and stuff" haha so that was really cool. Then we had another week full of finding. very fun.
We set a baptismal date with Olivia too, one of Joao and Paula’s daughters! (the couple who me and elder Dunkley baptized!!)
She had an amazing experience when she watched her dad’s baptism and decided to be baptized too, so we’ve been meeting with her for the last few weeks and now we set a date with her for August tenth!!! I’m so stoked for that family. They really want to go to the temple. Such blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I had the privilege of going on a division with my wonderful zone leader elder Tilley! haha I love that guy so much he is an awesome missionary. Our division was so fun and I learned a ton! 
I really look up to my brothers in the field. They give me a lot of inspiration!
Saturday was super super fun!!!!!!!! We got to go help brother Reedy, the dad of an American family who was here in our branch, we got to help him put on a barbeque lunch for allllll the drivers and guards that have helped them since they’ve been here in Angola!
We spent all day Saturday feeding about 300 people at different times throughout the day. It was just me Elders Dunk,  Stewart, Hyde, Merkely,  and McCune. I felt like we were doing dinner impossible ahah but we manages. We grilled like 70 pounds of hamburgers and made them all and served them to the guys and everything. It was so so fun! I was running wild like a chicken with my head cut off I didn’t get to take any pictures sorry, but it was really a fun day for sure!
After that just had a normal calm Sunday and then today has been a good pday! Me and elder Dunkley are just finding the elect and it’s been amazing so far!  I read a book this week that teaches how to make friends and influence people, and I have learned so so much. Even just the simple things of smiling at people every day makes you have a good day. It’s like magic! I hope I can apply it good in my missionary work. 
Anyways I love you all and wish you all have good weeks. Love and prayers are always coming to you from me! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good week. 
com muito amor,

Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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