October 28, 2013

63 Weeks in Angola / 80 on His Mission

Watching General Conf this week at the church building

Imbomdero Tree

Elder Montgomery and Tingey with a new convert 
Baptised Saturday, Colin taught her in Cassequel 

New Convert  with Elder Montgomery, Dunkley, and Francisco 
( Francisco ok he's new I have never heard of him, any Moms have any info on him?) 

63 Weeks in Angola    80 in the Mission                                            Oct 28, 2013

ola minha familia!!!!
Love you all and hope everyone’s week was the best. This will be a short one, Just because nothing at all happened with me this week haah
 here are the transfer changes....
If that means anything to anyone besides mom I don’t know ahah but there it is. To answer questions really quick, mom, I got the package this week! Thanks I loved the letters and the exercise band and I loved love love the quote book. thank you!
Mom, I have to approval to do college app stuff any pday I need to, president said that’s ok. just let me know when you need me to do stuff ahead of time. I don’t know if I can really write essays...... my writing is horrible as you all know.
KATE!!! I won’t and can’t forget you don’t you worry!
Graham, your on for the game on April 19th buddy!!!!
Sorry that this email is super short. We had two day of no work this week because we had interviews with president, that was good, just took us out of work for a day, and then with general conference we had another two days out, so we didn’t get to do much work this week. We found out one of our recent converts isn’t married to her husband, because he was in Angola when she was in Portugal when she was baptized, so it’s the elders fault in Portugal that she is not know worthy..... a little frustrating. She was embarrassed and wanted to stop coming to church. but were working with her. We will probably have three baptisms this week, a family we are waiting to get married decided the kids wanna get baptized now so cross our fingers and pray that happens this week!!!! 
Anyway, that’s all for me, and Elder Merkley are stoked for another transfer together. It will be fun. We’ve got lots of work to do with the members in our branch. 
I love you all. Hope that you all have good weeks. I’ll get you my Christmas list next week mom. loves!!! 
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

October 22, 2013

62 Weeks in Angola

Photos' via Elder Petersen :
Pday Elder Rigby , Montgomery, McAllister

Sunset over Luanda (Benfica Area)

HaHa American 

IF I was a sister missionary,    ( the way this Elder thinks is funny- Tammy ) 
If I was a Sister MissionaryJ - wow, cannot believe I’m already done with my mission! It was such an amazing experience and I’m so excited to see you all in a few days!!! Its been a long year and a half in the making!!!
love,SISTER montgomery   
( for those of you that dont know sister missionaries only serve 18 months so if he was a Sister Missionary he'd be coming home , get it - Tammy)
 hope you all get the joke.

ola mina familia!!!!!                                                                                       Oct 21, 2013
  Anyways, I love you all, and I am very sad to say, but i finished my sister mission this week, now it’s time to buck up and be a real missionary. I am very very excited to see what this next sis months has to offer. It will fly by too fast, so  I’m gonna make the best of it, and that started this week!
  Me and Elder Merkley had a really really good week. To show for it, we have no pictures. At least I don’t . Sorry! but that meant we were working our tails off, just like we should! it seems crazy to think about, but I’ve already been here in Benfica for a transfer, and next Monday me an Elder Merk get transfer emails, but I’m pretty sure we’ll stay the same. I’m really excited though. You never know what can happen with transfers.
  This week was amazing. First off we met this 15 year old kid and his sister 13, Silvio and Telma. They live right next door to one of our big hitter families that is just waiting on marriage, so that’s a huge help. We taught them the restoration, and then they both read the book of mormon and both felt like the spirit was telling them t was true. We’re gonna set baptismal dates with them this week, and I have a really good feeling about it all! I’m so excited. Finally after the whole transfer of work work work were hopefully gonna get in the water!
   Then we had another really cool family we found. Their names are Daniel, Mima, and Daniel, father, mother and son. They are really cool and the dad and son already came to church three times. In brazil that is enough to baptize them, haha but here we have to work with people a lot more because the church is so small, we have to make sure people really are established with their own testimonies and everything because they have to swim on their own a little.
  This week was good. I’m in a race to finish the book of mormon in Portuguese before the end of the year, and so that occupies any spare time I have if any at all. That was one of my 2013 goals so I’m trying to finish it. I’m in Alma 5 right now. I got a little ways to go, I got it all timed out so ill get it.
  The rest of our week was good. We had 12 investigators at church yesterday, so that was a really good feeling because lately none is doing anything or showing they want to act, but I think this week will change that.
   This week I bought a study notebook and have been writing down all my thoughts and stuff when I study, and I challenge you all to do the same. We learn a lot more when we record what we learn. It’s the same with the scriptures. The prophets wrote it down because it was important, and one day our lives will be important to others. So make sure you all keep journals and stuff, because you never know when someone down the road will come readin about you. You don’t wanna be like some of the guys in the book of mormon, " my name is john and my dad gave me these plates, and today I gave them to my brother, and thus I end my record. " we all need to keep records of our lives. Any way that was kinda random.
   My testimony this week is on prayer. I have been praying so hard to finally have some people keep their commitments and come to church and do what we ask them, and we were having no success because our prayers were concentrated on asking asking asking. So I did a study in preach my gospel about prayer, and I re-learned that prayer isn’t just a wish last to heavenly father, prayer is a conversation with him and we have to listen at times more than we talk. So I did that. I said a humble short prayer of thanks with my questions and needs in mind, then listened to the spirit, and with in minutes I had some answers and ideas about where to go what to teach and how to help our investigators, and what happened, it all worked. sometimes we just have to remember that Heavenly Father is on the other line listening to us, and after we make our order, we have to wait for him to answer, we can’t just hang up the phone, we have to give our Heavenly Father a chance to talk back to us, and answer our prayers. I know that’s true and I challenge all of you to not hang up the phone this week.
   I love you all, and apologize for no pictures, but am so grateful for our love and prayers. I hope you all have an amazing week, and remember to not hang up the phone!
com muito amor,
Elder Montgomery
ps, mom, no package this week, but hopefully next week!:)

October 14, 2013


we're not counting , but he has 6 months left :)

Helping hands after a good hard day of manual labor :)

Elder Merkley walking in front of their housing compound 

the back porch
carport love pretty nice, it is the nicest place Colin has stayed. 

61 weeks in Angola
ola minha familia!!!!!!                                                             Oct 14, 2013
First off, HUNTER HAPPY LATE BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow I’m forgetting everyone’s bdays this week. Sorry for that! I love you though and hope our bday was sweet and full of felicidades!!!!!
wow, this week was the best ever seriously, I love being a  missionary!
I don’t even know where to start. We had 7 new investigators, lots of teaching, lots of people at church, a whole day mixing and laying concrete, and an awesome pday full of soccer until right now, then awesome emails from yall,. I love you all. Thanks for the love and support.
So this week FLEW by very fast. I honestly can’t even think of everything we did, there was so much work.
We taught one night a family about service, then the next day went to their house and mixed concrete for their roof, and got all nice and dirty. I looked exactly like a day of work at rainforest!! It was fun though, and I impressed Danielson the investigator when I knew already how to mix and lay cement. and as I was breaking up some cement, I was swinging the hammer and thought about what  dad always said, "you gotta know how to swing a hammer like a man." haha I woulda made you proud pops.
We didn’t knock a single door this week, it was awesome, and we received nine references, and had seven new investigators. The people are flowing in for sure. I know it’s a blessing from Heavenly Father because we have been working hard these last few weeks and now were finally reaping some blessings. It’s so fun.
I have felt like an old man this week because Thursday I hit my six months mark! It’s seriously flying by so fast. I have so much more to do this year and six months I don’t know if I’ll have time to do it all, I might have to extend a few transfers...... what d ya’ll think?? haah

One cool experience this week was we met this guy names Alegria (joy) and sat with him in a lesson.  He has no wife or kids (very rare) and he was born with a clubbed foot and only one eye and a cleft pallet, but he taught himself to walk, and sing and play guitar and he’s pretty famous in Angola. He’s been on tv before and all that. He is the most humble guy ever. we told him about how the gospel will bless his life and he said he just want to give himself to god and he knows that is the only way he will one day have happiness. He was so humble and I could feel the spirit working through us to tell him that god loves him and that one day he will be whole and have eternal life. It was such an amazing experience. There are so many humble elect people in Angola. I love them all. Well sorry to cut this off, but my time is out.  Love you all so much and hope you know that.

mom no dont worry no effect from all the mosquitos, I take my malaria medication every day that I remember!:)
Graham, challenge accepted for the soccer game! I can’t wait buddy.

I love you and pray for you all! Have a good week.
My challenge is for everyone to do something nice for someone you don’t know this week. Charity!!!!!!!

com muito amor,
Elder Montgomery

October 8, 2013

"Threatened Shootings" , nay nay do not start an email like this LOL

General Conference at President and Sister Merrill's Home
Front and Center Fanta LOL,  front row l-r Elder Wilhelm, Castleton,Sister and Pres Merrill's,Chatwin, Hansen, Hannay. back l-r Elder Dredge, Garn, Hyde, Chandler, Banta, 
behind Stewart, Hobbs, Fonatine, Petersen, Rigby.

Elder Money, Montgomery, Tingey

Colins new house pet Lagarto "Frank"

Elder Merkley and Montgomery made Banana Bread:) good job , Elders

by the way never start an email with these words 
61 weeks in Angola                                                                            Oct 7, 2013
First off, Isaac, I am so sorry I missed your b-day in my email last week I hadn’t flipped over my calendar yet and didn’t see your b-day was the third till Tuesday, but I can guess with conference and BYU spankin Utah State it was a good bday, so happy late bday brother i love you!!!
As for everyones favorite elder in Africa, I am doing awesome. This week was fast and full of work and blessings!
We have the best branch in Angola for sure here in Benfica. All the big hitters in our branch are the leaders and they help us out so much. for example, in our PEC meeting this week the branch president made us all bring three families names and  then they assigned all the auxiliary presidencies and their spouses to look after each of the families, and to visit them at least once a month, and to go on group dates with the parents to help them work towards marriage. 
It’s so cool. It’s the most organized branch I’ve ever seen, and it’s the smallest in Luanda. 
 The week was good though. We got a lot of work done and tons of new people. 
  One funny story, we had a lesson with two ladies sisters in law, and it was an amazing lesson they loved it and both accepted baptism. The next day we were calling to confirm our appointment with them for the next day and the husband and brother called us back, an told us we should never be calling woman this late at night (8:30 haha) and that his wife was forever catholic, and that if we came to his house he would shoot us. He said that three times then hung up. So what did we do? Early the next morning we knocked on his door to meet him before he went to work! He needed to know who we were so he would let us teach his wife. He wasn’t there, but we went back the next day, and after praying to soften his heart, he opened the door to us, apologized, asked our forgiveness, and invited us to come back and teach his wife whenever we wanted. Talk about the Lord answering prayers.
I may seem brave from that story, until I tell you that both times we knocked his door my knees were SHAKIN and my armpits were very sweaty. Prayer works!!!!
   Sorry this is so short but time is low, so just before I forget, I had the coolest study this week about the atonement. I was reading in Corinthians and read chap 7 vs 23 "you were bought with a good price" it got me thinking about the price that the Savior really bought us with, and  I am so thankful for him and his sacrifice for us. I can’t explain all I know about it, or how grateful I am, but I do know that it was infinite for each of us, and I am eternally indebted to him. I love our Savior and his eternal sacrifice for me and all of you. Love you all and hope for a good week!   com muito amor, Elder Montgomery

ps dad tell someone from Mont. ward to tell the football team good job!  That’s the most we’ve ever beaten Gilbert since I was a sophomore! WOOHOO!!!!! Meg,,,,,,, not sorry at all!