October 8, 2013

"Threatened Shootings" , nay nay do not start an email like this LOL

General Conference at President and Sister Merrill's Home
Front and Center Fanta LOL,  front row l-r Elder Wilhelm, Castleton,Sister and Pres Merrill's,Chatwin, Hansen, Hannay. back l-r Elder Dredge, Garn, Hyde, Chandler, Banta, 
behind Stewart, Hobbs, Fonatine, Petersen, Rigby.

Elder Money, Montgomery, Tingey

Colins new house pet Lagarto "Frank"

Elder Merkley and Montgomery made Banana Bread:) good job , Elders

by the way never start an email with these words 
61 weeks in Angola                                                                            Oct 7, 2013
First off, Isaac, I am so sorry I missed your b-day in my email last week I hadn’t flipped over my calendar yet and didn’t see your b-day was the third till Tuesday, but I can guess with conference and BYU spankin Utah State it was a good bday, so happy late bday brother i love you!!!
As for everyones favorite elder in Africa, I am doing awesome. This week was fast and full of work and blessings!
We have the best branch in Angola for sure here in Benfica. All the big hitters in our branch are the leaders and they help us out so much. for example, in our PEC meeting this week the branch president made us all bring three families names and  then they assigned all the auxiliary presidencies and their spouses to look after each of the families, and to visit them at least once a month, and to go on group dates with the parents to help them work towards marriage. 
It’s so cool. It’s the most organized branch I’ve ever seen, and it’s the smallest in Luanda. 
 The week was good though. We got a lot of work done and tons of new people. 
  One funny story, we had a lesson with two ladies sisters in law, and it was an amazing lesson they loved it and both accepted baptism. The next day we were calling to confirm our appointment with them for the next day and the husband and brother called us back, an told us we should never be calling woman this late at night (8:30 haha) and that his wife was forever catholic, and that if we came to his house he would shoot us. He said that three times then hung up. So what did we do? Early the next morning we knocked on his door to meet him before he went to work! He needed to know who we were so he would let us teach his wife. He wasn’t there, but we went back the next day, and after praying to soften his heart, he opened the door to us, apologized, asked our forgiveness, and invited us to come back and teach his wife whenever we wanted. Talk about the Lord answering prayers.
I may seem brave from that story, until I tell you that both times we knocked his door my knees were SHAKIN and my armpits were very sweaty. Prayer works!!!!
   Sorry this is so short but time is low, so just before I forget, I had the coolest study this week about the atonement. I was reading in Corinthians and read chap 7 vs 23 "you were bought with a good price" it got me thinking about the price that the Savior really bought us with, and  I am so thankful for him and his sacrifice for us. I can’t explain all I know about it, or how grateful I am, but I do know that it was infinite for each of us, and I am eternally indebted to him. I love our Savior and his eternal sacrifice for me and all of you. Love you all and hope for a good week!   com muito amor, Elder Montgomery

ps dad tell someone from Mont. ward to tell the football team good job!  That’s the most we’ve ever beaten Gilbert since I was a sophomore! WOOHOO!!!!! Meg,,,,,,, not sorry at all! 

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