September 30, 2013


One of these things is not like the other, sweet babies :)

75 bites on one arm (I hope he is taking his malaria meds) 
Elder Chatwin and Montgomery, 2 Mesa boys. 
Elder Chatwin's dad was Colin's Seminary teacher @ HHS

60 Weeks in Angola                                                                                        Sept 30, 2013
Ola Minha Familia!!
So this week flew by, let me see if I can remember anything. 
I think just the cool thing that happens is that me and Elder Merkley have been having small little cool miracles every day. Like we’ll make a cool contact and forget to get his number or name , and then they’ll call us back, or we’ll be looking for a house in a area we don’t know and the first random door we knock is that right person. Its just amazing the miracles that make every day worthwhile, and one of our families who are waiting on marriage finally the dad got a job this week, he’s been unemployed, since January and this week he got a really good oil platform job. So that’s really cool. 
Other than that I can’t really think of any specific things that happened to us this week. We were out of power and our generator didn’t work all week so we had to sleep with the doors open and all the mosquitoes loved my blood. Over 75 mosquito bits just on my left arm,,, I didn’t have a net over my bed, but it’s ok because we have energy now. 
We had an awesome zone conference this week with all the zones combined and got a ton of really cool training from our zone leaders. All about less active and new convert work. That’s a lot of what Merkley and I do. Small growing branch!
But ya one of the quote I loved was from President Merrill talking about sometimes as missionaries we just plant seeds to be harvested later by other elders with baptisms, but he said, " some plant, and some harvest, but we ALL reap the blessings in heaven." I loved that. No matter where we go or what we do we always have to be missionaries and set a good example as a seed, you never know when it will be harvested for salvation!
We got to go to the orphanage today and it was amazing I sent pictures. I love African babies/kids!!
Hope you all have amazing weeks. Let your light’s so shine!!! but remember, we are not the light! Only the conduits that the lord shines through! SO GO BE CONDUITS!!!!!!!!!!! love you all
have a good week! 
com muito amor e beijos,
elder montgomery

ps dad and mom just before I forget make sure you take pictures of the fhe tomorrow so I can see next week! I wanna see who I recognize. 

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