August 27, 2012

good mornign america!

 Ola minha familia!
I love you all so much! thank you for the emails and all the prayers on my behalf.
to answer questions first,, I haven’t been studying steady in the scriptures this week because I study different topics for my investigators, but I’ve read a lot in 3 nefi because it talks about pretty much everything ah ah
I cook every day, I actually do eggs a lot and hot dogs, but I have made pasta too. We have a Shoprite here in Lubango, so even though its expensive we eat pretty normal food. My breakfasts are eggs and yogurt, lunches hotdogs and sandwiches and dinner is usually just a cold shower and water because I’m to tired to eat ahha
but I did eat foonge for the first time! ask Robby Tarwater about it! its the flour water mixture that is pretty much  like eating a mixture of gross mashed potatoes and elmers glue about 50 50. but I didn’t have too much trouble with it surprisingly ahah, but anyways, I’m doing good here. this week was super stressful because it was my week to start using the phone. So pretty much I set us all our appointments and answer all phone calls and stuff. It had me stressed out all week and still I’m super stressed because its very hard to talk on the phone in Portuguese still. but it’s ok. just pray for me and I’ll get better.
We have been teaching a toa (alot) but have gone on a couple splits because Elder Tilley got mild malaria so he was at home for a couple days. but he’s better now.
 Something that amazes me about everyone that we teach is still the humbleness. I have never met anyone in my life who had so little, but never complained and acted like they had so much. It’s amazing to learn lessons in humility each and every day. It’s still hard for me to see little kids pick through the trash and stuff though, that kills me, because were not allowed to give them money, but I might sneak in an orange or something every now and then. ahah I can’t help it. imagine a little back Graham (Colin’s 3 yr old nephew) coming up to you half naked and dirty as heck with a huge smile saying amigo laranja??? (orange)  I definitely give in to those guys, they’re so freakin cute.
Our house is pretty nice. We live behind the church, but we don’t have a water pump right now so everything we do from cooking to showers we have to bucket water from our tank. It’s not too bad. just annoying. It will be weird when I get home to always have running water.
Yes we have a branch here in Lubango, it is pretty good sized and has about 70 or so members. the church is growing fast here in Lubango, but is still pretty new.

Anyways, sorry I know I’m horrible at answering every ones questions and please forgive me.
I can’t believe I’ve already been here for almost three weeks its crazy. I hit my four month mark last Saturday. It’s just flying by the time. I realize now how fast it’s going and am sad but excited because it just means I have to work harder and harder every day! I love the people here so much it is so immensely different from the rest of the world that I can’t even explain, but it is amazing. humble people who are just friendly and welcoming.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be serving here. I know that each missionary has a specific purpose in their mission and I know that mine is here in Angola. I love it here and love serving the people. thank you everyone for your prayers and just know that I am praying for you all every single day too. I love you all! have an awesome week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
com amor
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

August 21, 2012

#2 From Lubango, Angola

OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!    ( added by Tammy this is a great email make sure you read the P.S. )
 Holy Cow I don’t even know what to say!
 AFRICA  IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all so much and I’m grateful for the emails, sorry I only have time to send one big message back!
I’ll start with just telling the cool stuff that happened this week. Some cool and some just crazy haha
Bucket showers, a lot of times we don’t have water or energy. But if we have water and no energy for the pump we still take bucket showers. hahaha their fun

Angola is dirty. Just plain and simple. it would be like if everyone in America just threw trash and sewer and dust and everything out into the streets which are only dirt. haha it smells bad I really think, idk though

Because I’m already used to it. but I don’t even care. I love it here!

I taught gospel principles this week ahahhhaha that was funny because the Portuguese here is way different than the Brazilian i learned in NJ so now no one understands me. that’s my trial as of right now

Is just the language. but it’s ok because a lot of times it warrants for very funny conversations. Like accidentally teaching the law of chastity to a taxi driver ahah

All the taxis here are 1980s Toyota vans and they pack like 15 people in each, their fun. Their only 80 cents to take you anywhere in the route and we use them every day, but Thursday we got to use motorcycles! Highlight of the mission so far about non spiritutal stuff haha riding on the back of a dirt bike to go visit this kid who lived forever away. so fujn!

I am trying to send letter but can’t find the post office here in Lubango haha patients please everyone. Sorry about that

ok that’s all I can think of for right now. just know that I love it here and its absolutely amazing. I can’t even describe the third worldness of it but I’ll be able to show or send pictures here hopefully next week.

this week was super full of getting dropped y all our appointments and it was super frustrating,, but then we still taught a bunch more than I ever did in NJ, so that was exciting for me.
I have been studying in 2 Nephi this week and reading the Isaiah chapters, its super hard to understand but as I have found that if I pray for understanding, language, revelation on where to go ect,,, I have been so much more blessed than when I don’t  I’m learning that prayer is such a powerful tool here on the mission, so is listening to the spirit.

the coolest lesson of the week was this 19 year old kid named Augusto, we taught him about prophets this last week then this week we showed up and gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. He read it in like 5 minutes and then pretty much taught it back to us. it was the coolest thing to see how much he learned so fast because the spirit was there and he was willing to listen.~
I love the spirit of the people they have NOTHING compared to what we have, but they have EVERYTHING times 100 more than we do at times, because even with nothing they are so happy and just live and love life. I love the people so much it’s amazing to see them.
ugh I’m so sorry I didn’t answer anyone’s questions! I only have like 5 minutes left. I love you all so much and am praying for you all. Greg and Court, good luck in Utah! Meg and Jared and Isaac and Tor and Graham, good luck on school that you are all starting! Chels,  mom, and dad, good luck with work and managing the kids I know that’s the hardest job of all hahaha I love you all so much and am grateful for your emails. i promise to send pictures next week!!! Love you all so much!~

Elder Col

well I have  little bit of time left. go figure, ha sorry for the short letter I love you all! Give graham claire and beau TONS of my love! I love seeing the pictures of them. I’m so glad that the move went good. I’m praying for jobs and for school for everyone and all that. Mom make sure you text everyone this I mean everyone, family, friends, tori, ward members, whoever you want.
Take a second today and just stop. Take a look around you, paved roads. constant electricity and water, clean water at that, no trash in the streets, kids in school, no pollution, working toilets, and 21st century houses. These are all things that almost no one here has,  everyone in the U.S,,, stop for a second and just say a prayer and be grateful for EVEYTHING we take for granted. Literally necessities of life that the Lord gives us, They are truly a gift.

August 13, 2012

ANGOLA !!!!!!!

in the pictures above #1 Elder Violin, Elder Davis ,Clifford, Richter, Montgomery
(Elder V. Temp Acting Pres.,  D& R ZL's, Clifford and Montgomery newly arriving Elders in ANGOLA 8-9-12)
#2 Ends - Sister and Elder Violin from Brazil temp acting Pres.
New Elders - Castleton and Montgomery 

ANGOLA !!!!!!!!!!  8-13-12
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!! I’m am so grateful to be here in Angola first and foremost! I love you all so much and we only have an hour so I will try to type as fast as possible. Excuse my spelling and punctuation. por favor.
ANGOLA IS AMAZING! I arrived Thursday night and ate dinner and showered. Then Friday went out in Luanda and worked and taught three lessons the first day. So cool. Then I got on the plane Saturday morning to LUBANGO! Its way smaller than Luanda and a lot calmer and is kind of in the mountains so it’s actually really really cool here. At night I get cold! Believe it or not it does get cold in Africa! haha but ya also to tell ya a little bit about the people my comp and everything.
The people are amazing friendly and humble, and yes, it is every bit third world as I ever imagined. I’ve seen kids eating out of the garbage, I haven’t showered in three days because we don’t have water right now in our tank. and I do all my studies by candle light because we don’t have power. No I don’t live in a hut though haha. I’ll try to send pictures as a attachment.
So my companeiro is Elder Kelsey  he’s from Sandy Utah and is a Marine. So we walk fast everywhere and he has the language mastered so I am learning a ton already, but I’m so glad I served Portuguese in NJ because it helped me a ton and I feel bad cuz Elder Castleton forgot a ton, but it’s all good. Your probably thinking poor Colin no water no power all that. STOP. I LOVE IT HERE! life is simple and I have learned that ALREADY material things are not everything. Holy cow we’ve already taught a ton of lessons and in Luanda I even committed someone to be baptized, but I have a goal here. I don’t want to baptize a SINGLE person on my mission. why you ask? because I want members to baptize their brothers and sister and build friendships that last eternity, not just the duration of my mission, so that’s my goal. Teach everyone and baptize no one, but have members baptize everyone I teach. Anyways. yea haah I don’t know what else.
I love it here honestly. My district is me Elder Kelsey, Elder Tilley (so cool) and Elder Borden, that’s all of us here on Lubango and that’s also our district. Their really cool guys and all want to work hard, as do I!! So I’m super grateful and excited for this. I hope that everything is well with all of you. I love you all and pray for you each every week as I said already many times.  I have definitely already grown a ton in my time here. I have to deal with my own problems and concerns after those of my investigators and the members because that is what the Lord called me to do! I know that I only have 20 months left to do this and I  have to work as hard as I can and then after I  all I can do I will receive blessings. I love this people and will try to take pictures next week for you all to see. I love you tons and was so grateful for all of your emails! I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the most blessed I have felt in so long to be here in Angola and I am grateful for all your prayers that help and protect me. Thank you for everything! I love you all! until next week!
elder montgomery

August 6, 2012

Up Date:

Up date: Colin will be flying out of Newark NJ Ironbound area, there is a story that is posted after this post, for details, but the latest news is that Colin's wait is over he got his Visa today after 1 1/2 months waiting, and with not one date that stayed the same from his original call till now there have been changes with everything, and lots of opportunities and lessons learned. He is on his way to Angola Wednesday. We are grateful for all the fasting and prayers. Thanks

Could it be Visa's are here??? + Colin's email for the week.

Note From Mom: We had a call this morning on our home phone which we hardly ever answer anymore because its usually just solicitors, but I (mom)answered it because it was kind of early. there was a little voice with a very strong accent  that said  
-"this is the Angolan Consulate in NY the visa is ready to pick up" (so casual) 
- I (mom) asked, "the visa for Colin Montgomery?"
- and he said "yes come pick it up". I was in tears by then and thanked him!!! 
I called the mission home and talked to Sister Suzuki, she said she would get a hold of the Mission Pres and get things rolling. It has 1 1/2 months of waiting and many prayers for things to be worked out. We found out that the first visa's for Colin, his companion and the New Mission Pres and his wife had been lost. 
  We were told that a worker in the consulate was going to Angola for vacation and hand carried the new visa packages for processing with him and he just returned to the U.S., I guess that is why we received  the call this morning. 
  We know that there have been many from Mission Travel, families in Angola and here, and the Whole Mission in Angola that have been fasting and praying for this to all be worked out, we are so grateful to Heavenly Father for hearing our pleas and granting our requests. 
Now to find out if the visas were picked up and how soon they will be on their way. Tender Mercies.
We are also grateful for the missionaries and branch in Newark that have welcomed Colin, he has had a great trainer Elder Pires , some fun, some doors slammed, opportunities to have the spirit guide him and help him teach some wonderful people in Ironbound. 
                                                Grateful Hearts Dad and Mom Montgomery

OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!                                                                      8-6-12
I love you all so much i hope your all having a good week!
this week has been absolutely amazing!  a ton of stuff has happened in terms of missionary work and it’s so amazing to see it all unfold !
first to answer questions
In my studies I’m in 1 Nephi and d&c 20 I think. it’s so cool to read d+c and see all the cool stuff there. it helps teaching a ton.
   Mom and Dad, I’m glad you got home safe from your vacation, and thank you for getting my suitcase from the Sisks! tell them I said thanks again! I don’t think I’ll need my temple or baptismal pants yet. I’m not sure how it’s workin. I’ll ask and let you know next week:)
  MOM what happened with the phone call about the visas? I’m guessing you now more than me at this point. Have you talked to the church about it yet or anything?
   I seriously can’t believe it’s  been a year since I started BYU. That seems like just yesterday, but at the same time it seems like forever ago haha
 haha I’m super glad to hear your sending cookies. I could use some sugar! Make sure you send them to the mission office and NOT to my apartment. I don’t think I can get big packages here. I don’t  know for sure though.
 BY the way, it’s not brother williams haha his name is Washington, and that’s his first name. he has a super strong accent I’m sure it was hard to understand him haha
   This week has been awesome as I’m leaning how to be a new mom. ( in missionary terms, that means I’m in a trio of elders but I’m not the one training elder Larson) it’s been super cool to see how his greenie spirit and Portuguese have helped us out as a trio to find more people and be more motivated. And its bumped up my self confidence a TON because I realized how bad my Portuguese was when I first came out of the mtc hahahah
   I seriously cannot believe that Chandler is coming home in a month and a half or so, that’s CRAZY. I sure miss that kid, but no I didn’t get his email about not extending..
   Anyway, this week has been awesome, just full of alot of service and helping out the members, but at the same time somehow we found 5 new investigators!!! CAZY!!!!
that’s really all I can remember that has happened. I know you all probably want more info, I’m sorry haha its just all the days smash together when you do the same thing over and over again. BuT I do know that this is the work of the Lord. I know that no matter what, I am supposed to be here. I am so grateful for this gospel and I know its true, I love all of you so much and am excited to hear the news on my visa! AFRICA HERE I COME!!! haha maybe. I can’t lose focus of  NJ until I’m on the plane to Africa. so we’ll see how it goes!
  Anyways I’ll wrap this up. I’m sorry its short. but now that as my letters get shorter, my prayers get longer for each and every one of you! I love you all! dad, thank you for the email with all the olympics stuff. I LOVE the olympics and wish  I could watch them but the dishnetwork in our apartment broke.... hahaha jk.
Meg here’s the highs and lows
Highs: after asking 2 girls (about 20 or so) if we could share with them a message about Jesus Christ, they said  ( in portugues) "only if you come to the night club with us in NY and then spend the night" hahhahahahahaha I died laughing and obviously declined.
lows: not getting a chance to workout at all because its been raining every morning
anyways I love you all tell Graham and Claire and Beau that I love them and give them kisses from Uncle Colie! I love you all, pray for you all, and can’t wait to hear back about how you all are.
Elder Montgomery

August 5, 2012

Good Morning

From: Colin Montgomery  7/30/12
 Re: Good Morning
minha querida familia, eu amo voces mais que qualquer coisa em este mundo!!!
this week has been a tough, BUT rewarding one! i hope you all know how much i love and pray for you every single day. and i know you do the same for me, i truly feel your prayers.
this week elder pires and i had the opportunity to teach a woman named heloina. she is about 28 or so and her husband is a member but hasnt been to chrurch in a long time. he and her both are looking for the gospel to help their lives.
We had the opportunity to teach her about the atonement and baptism. that was the coolest thing. the spirit was so strong and we challenged her to be baptized on august 26th! AND she accept$ed!!!! THAT WAS THE coolest thing ever. she was so excited and was happy that we asked her and her husband was happy too becaseu he wants to have his family in the church. cool side story: the husband is named gabriel, and he drives a ferry boat on the hudson river from nj to ny. HIS BOAT was one of the very first responders to the plane that crashed in the river a couple years ago. SUPER legit huh>???
anyways. i am so excited to help heloina progress toward her baptism. i know that this church is true. i testified to her that her baptism would be one of the biggest steps she could take towards the savior and i knew that the spirit that wwe all felt was real. truly an amazing experience.
sorry this is gonna be a short letter this week! becauswe of the slowness of the computer, i have barely started typing and only have like 20 minutes left and still have to email president. UGH!! im so sorry everyone! i love youall. i promsie m doing good here in new jersey. ELder larson, who is actually assigned to the mission arrives from the mtc today. i was his zone leader in the mtc so im really exctied to work with him it will be a blast haha technichally when you train a missionary, your called their dad, so since its a tiro with elder pires me and eldeer larson, im gonna be a mom! i give brth tomorrow morning. that will be quite the adventure ahha
anywasy. i lvoe you all so much. ive been pretty homesick this week.ot like im not working hard and stuff, just that i miss everyone! so heeres all my love and hugs and everything. ill write a short note and put in in the mail today! i lvoe you all! hope everyone is having fun on vacatons and whatever your doing. i lvoe you all!  mom give graham and claire and beau huge kisses for me! i lvoe them!  anyways, im sorry its so short. love youall!!! loved the videos of beau you sent mom. thank you for that!
till next week.
your newjersey-brazillian-angolanbound missionary,
elder colin jay montgomery

ps i finished the BOM again this week. so awesome. my invitation to the whole fam is to read it!!!!! i love you all!

So Grateful 7/23/12

rom: Colin Montgomery

i am so grateful for the opportunity this day that i have to be able to be a missionary and be here in New Jersey. i figured something out this week and i have had a profound experience ever since i had this realization. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE I AM!!!!! this is the lords work in New Jersey in Spokane Washington in Louisville Kentucky in the mtc in Africa or in mesa Arizona! it is still the lords work. I had that realization the other night when i was writing in my journal. i was supposed to play a part i a little Brazilian play ( more on that to come) in the branch party,  but i was being selfish and didn't want to do it because i was afraid of making a fool of myself and getting laughed at because i messed up my lines or something, but then the spirit just hit me SO hard and humbled my soul. The Spirit said to me as if it was the very voice of President Monson, "Your doing the Lords work elder. just because your not in Africa, you have a bad attitude. Straighten up, put on your work boots grab some gloves and get to work. " i immediately knew why i had a bad attitude about the play. because that day i had eaten some gross Brazilian food. and earlier that day i hadn't been able to understand a certain Brazilian person and just small things like that, and i had it in my heart that this was allllll because i am supposed to be in Africa. well let me tell you the Lord had news for me. It doesn't matter where i serve, yes i was called to Africa, but just like hunter getting changed to spanish. it is alllll in the Lord's will. There is something i am meant to learn here in New Jersey. Someone i am supposed to teach or testify to or Something. I don't know what it is yet, but from that moment on i have improved my attitude and just started being A MISSIONARY, not a visa waiter. That was my calling, and that is my mission is to be a missionary. The Lord has given me so much that i have to do what he needs when he needs it, and only
 " when my obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes my quest, in THAT moment God will endow me with power".
ANYWAYS haah sorry. that was my cool spiritual experience for the week. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!
I love you all so much!! I'm seriously having the best / hardest / most learning/ most spiritual experience of my life an i love it. I'm in Moroni 8 and about to finish the book of Mormon again tomorrow! i love that book and i know with all my heart that t is true. i love this gospel. its so amazing to see and literally feel the power of the spirit testifying to people through my words. its amazing.
- in a super ghetto part of town there was a broken fire hydrant and it was spaying a little water in the street and all that little African kids were playing in it hahahah it was so cute. STRAIGHT out of a movie for real
- i ATE SARDINE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'D BE SO PROUD OF ME MOM!!!!
it was like cornbread with sardines on top, and the woman (Marcia) served me three huge slices, and it tasted.... not horrible haah it tasted like dry tuna really. i just put some hot sauce on it and downed everything then had a bunch of fresh pineapple. so that was good
-still NO word on visas. president Jeppson said i will probably be here for two or three more weeks. so that is fine with me:) LORDS WORK remember?
-ahahahahahahah so in church on Sunday i had to lead the music. i guess this always happens but i have never seen it,,, the branch president wife was breast feeding in the middle of everyone with no covering or anything,,, ahhahahah you better believe i had awesome eye contact with one of the other elders sitting on the other side hah it reminded me of (i cant remember which cousins story) of the woman pulling up her dress and doing that and the missionaries are like whispering "shouldnt the relief society president say something to her? " and the other missionary says" that is the relief society president" ahahaha anyways that was an AWKWAD experience
-we were in a teaching appointment and sharing a lesson and ( drumrollllll))))
someone got killed by the cops literally right outside that building we were in. when we left the appointment the firetruck was sparying the blood off the sidewalk. crazy huh? it was the lords timing that kept us safe. that i have no doubt.
-i ALMOST got chased by a dog. ahah it ran out of an open gate and me but i just turned around and looked it right in the eye and it didn't come any closer. just barked a ton then turned around. you better bet your bottom dollar my heart was out of my chest Ha but i was brave! (Greg, save the Sasha story)  ( a huge Rottweiler that chased Colin when he was a little boy, so big mean dogs really scare him~ Mom)
-DID you get my letter with the sd card????????????????????????
i got your letter mom in the manila envelope and that's it.... meg said she sent something but i haven't received it yet.  hope she didn't send it to elm STREET. that is NOT my address and is on the other side of town,.. my address is
100 elm ROAD
Newark NJ
 or the 5 cold hill road south address that i sent in another email.
anyways make sure anyone knows that.
i will write another family letter and send it today. and also i sent a sd card hope with all y pictures last Monday. your should have gotten it by now. i how Greg and Court gt the mail it should be there.
wow. hunters call getting changed. that's CRAZY! but he sounds sososso good. i love that kid. he'll do fine. i know he's changing in such a good way. he's gonna be a great missionary.
and ZACH! that was an amazing email. i love both those brothers of mine. i cant wait to see the miracles they perform!!!
ok. so to answer questions....
this week has been good. when i arrived the areas split since there was 4 Portuguese missionaries instead of 3 so our new area s very slow growing and its been hard to find new investigator s but slowly and surly it will grow.
i really hope that you all can feel my love for you as much as i can feel yours for me. i pray for EACH and everyone of you individually every single night. and i hope you all know how much i love and miss you.
my family is everything to me. and it always will be. i cant wait till i have a family of my own and my kids have their cousins Graham, Claire, Beau and Meg and Jared's kids and Greg and Courtney's kids. that's what life is all about. and that is why i am serving this mission, so that others can have the knowledge that they too can live with their families for eternity. i love you all so much and hope this letter finds each of you in good times and fortune. <<< that was a really weird sentence ahha sorry. i love you all@! sorry i'm  outta time! i hope you all have a great week and know i love you!!!!
your missionary son brother  brother in law and uncle
elder colin jay montgomery