August 5, 2012

Good Morning

From: Colin Montgomery  7/30/12
 Re: Good Morning
minha querida familia, eu amo voces mais que qualquer coisa em este mundo!!!
this week has been a tough, BUT rewarding one! i hope you all know how much i love and pray for you every single day. and i know you do the same for me, i truly feel your prayers.
this week elder pires and i had the opportunity to teach a woman named heloina. she is about 28 or so and her husband is a member but hasnt been to chrurch in a long time. he and her both are looking for the gospel to help their lives.
We had the opportunity to teach her about the atonement and baptism. that was the coolest thing. the spirit was so strong and we challenged her to be baptized on august 26th! AND she accept$ed!!!! THAT WAS THE coolest thing ever. she was so excited and was happy that we asked her and her husband was happy too becaseu he wants to have his family in the church. cool side story: the husband is named gabriel, and he drives a ferry boat on the hudson river from nj to ny. HIS BOAT was one of the very first responders to the plane that crashed in the river a couple years ago. SUPER legit huh>???
anyways. i am so excited to help heloina progress toward her baptism. i know that this church is true. i testified to her that her baptism would be one of the biggest steps she could take towards the savior and i knew that the spirit that wwe all felt was real. truly an amazing experience.
sorry this is gonna be a short letter this week! becauswe of the slowness of the computer, i have barely started typing and only have like 20 minutes left and still have to email president. UGH!! im so sorry everyone! i love youall. i promsie m doing good here in new jersey. ELder larson, who is actually assigned to the mission arrives from the mtc today. i was his zone leader in the mtc so im really exctied to work with him it will be a blast haha technichally when you train a missionary, your called their dad, so since its a tiro with elder pires me and eldeer larson, im gonna be a mom! i give brth tomorrow morning. that will be quite the adventure ahha
anywasy. i lvoe you all so much. ive been pretty homesick this week.ot like im not working hard and stuff, just that i miss everyone! so heeres all my love and hugs and everything. ill write a short note and put in in the mail today! i lvoe you all! hope everyone is having fun on vacatons and whatever your doing. i lvoe you all!  mom give graham and claire and beau huge kisses for me! i lvoe them!  anyways, im sorry its so short. love youall!!! loved the videos of beau you sent mom. thank you for that!
till next week.
your newjersey-brazillian-angolanbound missionary,
elder colin jay montgomery

ps i finished the BOM again this week. so awesome. my invitation to the whole fam is to read it!!!!! i love you all!

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