August 27, 2012

good mornign america!

 Ola minha familia!
I love you all so much! thank you for the emails and all the prayers on my behalf.
to answer questions first,, I haven’t been studying steady in the scriptures this week because I study different topics for my investigators, but I’ve read a lot in 3 nefi because it talks about pretty much everything ah ah
I cook every day, I actually do eggs a lot and hot dogs, but I have made pasta too. We have a Shoprite here in Lubango, so even though its expensive we eat pretty normal food. My breakfasts are eggs and yogurt, lunches hotdogs and sandwiches and dinner is usually just a cold shower and water because I’m to tired to eat ahha
but I did eat foonge for the first time! ask Robby Tarwater about it! its the flour water mixture that is pretty much  like eating a mixture of gross mashed potatoes and elmers glue about 50 50. but I didn’t have too much trouble with it surprisingly ahah, but anyways, I’m doing good here. this week was super stressful because it was my week to start using the phone. So pretty much I set us all our appointments and answer all phone calls and stuff. It had me stressed out all week and still I’m super stressed because its very hard to talk on the phone in Portuguese still. but it’s ok. just pray for me and I’ll get better.
We have been teaching a toa (alot) but have gone on a couple splits because Elder Tilley got mild malaria so he was at home for a couple days. but he’s better now.
 Something that amazes me about everyone that we teach is still the humbleness. I have never met anyone in my life who had so little, but never complained and acted like they had so much. It’s amazing to learn lessons in humility each and every day. It’s still hard for me to see little kids pick through the trash and stuff though, that kills me, because were not allowed to give them money, but I might sneak in an orange or something every now and then. ahah I can’t help it. imagine a little back Graham (Colin’s 3 yr old nephew) coming up to you half naked and dirty as heck with a huge smile saying amigo laranja??? (orange)  I definitely give in to those guys, they’re so freakin cute.
Our house is pretty nice. We live behind the church, but we don’t have a water pump right now so everything we do from cooking to showers we have to bucket water from our tank. It’s not too bad. just annoying. It will be weird when I get home to always have running water.
Yes we have a branch here in Lubango, it is pretty good sized and has about 70 or so members. the church is growing fast here in Lubango, but is still pretty new.

Anyways, sorry I know I’m horrible at answering every ones questions and please forgive me.
I can’t believe I’ve already been here for almost three weeks its crazy. I hit my four month mark last Saturday. It’s just flying by the time. I realize now how fast it’s going and am sad but excited because it just means I have to work harder and harder every day! I love the people here so much it is so immensely different from the rest of the world that I can’t even explain, but it is amazing. humble people who are just friendly and welcoming.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be serving here. I know that each missionary has a specific purpose in their mission and I know that mine is here in Angola. I love it here and love serving the people. thank you everyone for your prayers and just know that I am praying for you all every single day too. I love you all! have an awesome week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!
com amor
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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