August 13, 2012

ANGOLA !!!!!!!

in the pictures above #1 Elder Violin, Elder Davis ,Clifford, Richter, Montgomery
(Elder V. Temp Acting Pres.,  D& R ZL's, Clifford and Montgomery newly arriving Elders in ANGOLA 8-9-12)
#2 Ends - Sister and Elder Violin from Brazil temp acting Pres.
New Elders - Castleton and Montgomery 

ANGOLA !!!!!!!!!!  8-13-12
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!! I’m am so grateful to be here in Angola first and foremost! I love you all so much and we only have an hour so I will try to type as fast as possible. Excuse my spelling and punctuation. por favor.
ANGOLA IS AMAZING! I arrived Thursday night and ate dinner and showered. Then Friday went out in Luanda and worked and taught three lessons the first day. So cool. Then I got on the plane Saturday morning to LUBANGO! Its way smaller than Luanda and a lot calmer and is kind of in the mountains so it’s actually really really cool here. At night I get cold! Believe it or not it does get cold in Africa! haha but ya also to tell ya a little bit about the people my comp and everything.
The people are amazing friendly and humble, and yes, it is every bit third world as I ever imagined. I’ve seen kids eating out of the garbage, I haven’t showered in three days because we don’t have water right now in our tank. and I do all my studies by candle light because we don’t have power. No I don’t live in a hut though haha. I’ll try to send pictures as a attachment.
So my companeiro is Elder Kelsey  he’s from Sandy Utah and is a Marine. So we walk fast everywhere and he has the language mastered so I am learning a ton already, but I’m so glad I served Portuguese in NJ because it helped me a ton and I feel bad cuz Elder Castleton forgot a ton, but it’s all good. Your probably thinking poor Colin no water no power all that. STOP. I LOVE IT HERE! life is simple and I have learned that ALREADY material things are not everything. Holy cow we’ve already taught a ton of lessons and in Luanda I even committed someone to be baptized, but I have a goal here. I don’t want to baptize a SINGLE person on my mission. why you ask? because I want members to baptize their brothers and sister and build friendships that last eternity, not just the duration of my mission, so that’s my goal. Teach everyone and baptize no one, but have members baptize everyone I teach. Anyways. yea haah I don’t know what else.
I love it here honestly. My district is me Elder Kelsey, Elder Tilley (so cool) and Elder Borden, that’s all of us here on Lubango and that’s also our district. Their really cool guys and all want to work hard, as do I!! So I’m super grateful and excited for this. I hope that everything is well with all of you. I love you all and pray for you each every week as I said already many times.  I have definitely already grown a ton in my time here. I have to deal with my own problems and concerns after those of my investigators and the members because that is what the Lord called me to do! I know that I only have 20 months left to do this and I  have to work as hard as I can and then after I  all I can do I will receive blessings. I love this people and will try to take pictures next week for you all to see. I love you tons and was so grateful for all of your emails! I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the most blessed I have felt in so long to be here in Angola and I am grateful for all your prayers that help and protect me. Thank you for everything! I love you all! until next week!
elder montgomery

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