August 21, 2012

#2 From Lubango, Angola

OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!    ( added by Tammy this is a great email make sure you read the P.S. )
 Holy Cow I don’t even know what to say!
 AFRICA  IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all so much and I’m grateful for the emails, sorry I only have time to send one big message back!
I’ll start with just telling the cool stuff that happened this week. Some cool and some just crazy haha
Bucket showers, a lot of times we don’t have water or energy. But if we have water and no energy for the pump we still take bucket showers. hahaha their fun

Angola is dirty. Just plain and simple. it would be like if everyone in America just threw trash and sewer and dust and everything out into the streets which are only dirt. haha it smells bad I really think, idk though

Because I’m already used to it. but I don’t even care. I love it here!

I taught gospel principles this week ahahhhaha that was funny because the Portuguese here is way different than the Brazilian i learned in NJ so now no one understands me. that’s my trial as of right now

Is just the language. but it’s ok because a lot of times it warrants for very funny conversations. Like accidentally teaching the law of chastity to a taxi driver ahah

All the taxis here are 1980s Toyota vans and they pack like 15 people in each, their fun. Their only 80 cents to take you anywhere in the route and we use them every day, but Thursday we got to use motorcycles! Highlight of the mission so far about non spiritutal stuff haha riding on the back of a dirt bike to go visit this kid who lived forever away. so fujn!

I am trying to send letter but can’t find the post office here in Lubango haha patients please everyone. Sorry about that

ok that’s all I can think of for right now. just know that I love it here and its absolutely amazing. I can’t even describe the third worldness of it but I’ll be able to show or send pictures here hopefully next week.

this week was super full of getting dropped y all our appointments and it was super frustrating,, but then we still taught a bunch more than I ever did in NJ, so that was exciting for me.
I have been studying in 2 Nephi this week and reading the Isaiah chapters, its super hard to understand but as I have found that if I pray for understanding, language, revelation on where to go ect,,, I have been so much more blessed than when I don’t  I’m learning that prayer is such a powerful tool here on the mission, so is listening to the spirit.

the coolest lesson of the week was this 19 year old kid named Augusto, we taught him about prophets this last week then this week we showed up and gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. He read it in like 5 minutes and then pretty much taught it back to us. it was the coolest thing to see how much he learned so fast because the spirit was there and he was willing to listen.~
I love the spirit of the people they have NOTHING compared to what we have, but they have EVERYTHING times 100 more than we do at times, because even with nothing they are so happy and just live and love life. I love the people so much it’s amazing to see them.
ugh I’m so sorry I didn’t answer anyone’s questions! I only have like 5 minutes left. I love you all so much and am praying for you all. Greg and Court, good luck in Utah! Meg and Jared and Isaac and Tor and Graham, good luck on school that you are all starting! Chels,  mom, and dad, good luck with work and managing the kids I know that’s the hardest job of all hahaha I love you all so much and am grateful for your emails. i promise to send pictures next week!!! Love you all so much!~

Elder Col

well I have  little bit of time left. go figure, ha sorry for the short letter I love you all! Give graham claire and beau TONS of my love! I love seeing the pictures of them. I’m so glad that the move went good. I’m praying for jobs and for school for everyone and all that. Mom make sure you text everyone this I mean everyone, family, friends, tori, ward members, whoever you want.
Take a second today and just stop. Take a look around you, paved roads. constant electricity and water, clean water at that, no trash in the streets, kids in school, no pollution, working toilets, and 21st century houses. These are all things that almost no one here has,  everyone in the U.S,,, stop for a second and just say a prayer and be grateful for EVEYTHING we take for granted. Literally necessities of life that the Lord gives us, They are truly a gift.

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