August 6, 2012

Could it be Visa's are here??? + Colin's email for the week.

Note From Mom: We had a call this morning on our home phone which we hardly ever answer anymore because its usually just solicitors, but I (mom)answered it because it was kind of early. there was a little voice with a very strong accent  that said  
-"this is the Angolan Consulate in NY the visa is ready to pick up" (so casual) 
- I (mom) asked, "the visa for Colin Montgomery?"
- and he said "yes come pick it up". I was in tears by then and thanked him!!! 
I called the mission home and talked to Sister Suzuki, she said she would get a hold of the Mission Pres and get things rolling. It has 1 1/2 months of waiting and many prayers for things to be worked out. We found out that the first visa's for Colin, his companion and the New Mission Pres and his wife had been lost. 
  We were told that a worker in the consulate was going to Angola for vacation and hand carried the new visa packages for processing with him and he just returned to the U.S., I guess that is why we received  the call this morning. 
  We know that there have been many from Mission Travel, families in Angola and here, and the Whole Mission in Angola that have been fasting and praying for this to all be worked out, we are so grateful to Heavenly Father for hearing our pleas and granting our requests. 
Now to find out if the visas were picked up and how soon they will be on their way. Tender Mercies.
We are also grateful for the missionaries and branch in Newark that have welcomed Colin, he has had a great trainer Elder Pires , some fun, some doors slammed, opportunities to have the spirit guide him and help him teach some wonderful people in Ironbound. 
                                                Grateful Hearts Dad and Mom Montgomery

OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!                                                                      8-6-12
I love you all so much i hope your all having a good week!
this week has been absolutely amazing!  a ton of stuff has happened in terms of missionary work and it’s so amazing to see it all unfold !
first to answer questions
In my studies I’m in 1 Nephi and d&c 20 I think. it’s so cool to read d+c and see all the cool stuff there. it helps teaching a ton.
   Mom and Dad, I’m glad you got home safe from your vacation, and thank you for getting my suitcase from the Sisks! tell them I said thanks again! I don’t think I’ll need my temple or baptismal pants yet. I’m not sure how it’s workin. I’ll ask and let you know next week:)
  MOM what happened with the phone call about the visas? I’m guessing you now more than me at this point. Have you talked to the church about it yet or anything?
   I seriously can’t believe it’s  been a year since I started BYU. That seems like just yesterday, but at the same time it seems like forever ago haha
 haha I’m super glad to hear your sending cookies. I could use some sugar! Make sure you send them to the mission office and NOT to my apartment. I don’t think I can get big packages here. I don’t  know for sure though.
 BY the way, it’s not brother williams haha his name is Washington, and that’s his first name. he has a super strong accent I’m sure it was hard to understand him haha
   This week has been awesome as I’m leaning how to be a new mom. ( in missionary terms, that means I’m in a trio of elders but I’m not the one training elder Larson) it’s been super cool to see how his greenie spirit and Portuguese have helped us out as a trio to find more people and be more motivated. And its bumped up my self confidence a TON because I realized how bad my Portuguese was when I first came out of the mtc hahahah
   I seriously cannot believe that Chandler is coming home in a month and a half or so, that’s CRAZY. I sure miss that kid, but no I didn’t get his email about not extending..
   Anyway, this week has been awesome, just full of alot of service and helping out the members, but at the same time somehow we found 5 new investigators!!! CAZY!!!!
that’s really all I can remember that has happened. I know you all probably want more info, I’m sorry haha its just all the days smash together when you do the same thing over and over again. BuT I do know that this is the work of the Lord. I know that no matter what, I am supposed to be here. I am so grateful for this gospel and I know its true, I love all of you so much and am excited to hear the news on my visa! AFRICA HERE I COME!!! haha maybe. I can’t lose focus of  NJ until I’m on the plane to Africa. so we’ll see how it goes!
  Anyways I’ll wrap this up. I’m sorry its short. but now that as my letters get shorter, my prayers get longer for each and every one of you! I love you all! dad, thank you for the email with all the olympics stuff. I LOVE the olympics and wish  I could watch them but the dishnetwork in our apartment broke.... hahaha jk.
Meg here’s the highs and lows
Highs: after asking 2 girls (about 20 or so) if we could share with them a message about Jesus Christ, they said  ( in portugues) "only if you come to the night club with us in NY and then spend the night" hahhahahahahaha I died laughing and obviously declined.
lows: not getting a chance to workout at all because its been raining every morning
anyways I love you all tell Graham and Claire and Beau that I love them and give them kisses from Uncle Colie! I love you all, pray for you all, and can’t wait to hear back about how you all are.
Elder Montgomery

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