June 28, 2013


Elder Holland, President Merrill and Sister Merrill
setting apart June 21,2013
JULY 1, 2013 
the new

            Elder T. Kerney                     Elder K. Brown             Elder T. Banta         Reported to MTC June 26
            Elder A. Hobbs                      Elder J. Stewart            Elder M. McCune             Elder S. Whittaker
            Elder A. Chandler                  Elder D. Cafferty           Elder N. Tingey               Elder T. Petersen
            Elder M. McAllister                Elder K. Clifford            Elder C. Fontaine            Elder S. Way
            Elder T. Wilson                     Elder K. Hyde                Elder A. Money             Reporting in Aug. 7 
            Elder C. Hansen                    Elder S. Whitaker          Elder Pimental                 Elder J. Garcia
            Elder J. Tilley                       Elder J. Chatwin            Elder C. Dunkley               Elder L. Cook
            Elder S. Wilhelm                   Elder S. Dredge             Elder J. Garn                 
            Elder C. Castleton                 Elder R. Ferguson          Elder Merkley                 
            Elder C. Montgomery             Elder N. Hannay            Elder I.Yeanoplos 
                                                  Recently and Honorably Returned
                                              Elder B. Davis            Elder P. Sande
                                              Elder K. Kelsey           Elder T. Arrington
                                              Elder L. Tolman         Elder K Richter
                                              Elder J. Borden          Elder C. Eckman   
                                              Elder E. Walker          Elder D. Harper
                                              Elder H. Rainbolt        Elder S. Perry


June 24, 2013

CHANGES: Transfers,New Arrivals and Elders Returning Home

No Photos this week :(
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!                                                       June 24th. 2013
Hey all, sorry this will be a pretty short letter. Literally not much happened this week. haha our stats were even the exact same from last week. It was weird.  Elder Dunkley and I are staying together with our same area, and were moving into the other house with Elder Stewart and Elder Merkley, so that will be a lot of fun. They made me district leader. woohoo. haha I just wana be normal! ~┬║but ya we dropped all our investigators and decided to start from new because our area was stagnant, so we just kept all the couples preparing for baptism. This week we will have  baptisms in our area so that will be cool!:) I’m excited. Joao’s wife will get baptized, the couple that got married a few weeks ago then the husband baptized, its his wife will be baptized this week. Then two young guys named Serafim and Dorival, 25 and 18 years old. So we do have some progress. All of them have been investigators for over a year, so were just sweeping up the old ones with baptism  and then will start new ahha. 
So just a few shout outs and announcements,
I got your letter last week with the priesthood line. sorry I forgot to say anything last week:)
ELDER COLE JONES  HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAD: was the two things I always have with me my priesthood and my testimony? That’s all I could think of . If that’s not it I’m totally lost!
   In the next few months in the next package that gets sent mom or dad if you could put some exercise bands in the package? Just to help me stay in shape:) thanks!
    ok so sorry this is so short. I seriously cannot find the time these last few weeks to write, but the baptisms this week will give me something good to write about haha sorry everyone! Love you all though! Have a good week! 
   Just want to bear my  testimony on not giving up on people. The three baptisms we have this week should have all been dropped at one time or another, but because of second chances and spiritual promptings, they were not dropped and now will all be baptized! Don’t ever give up on anyone or anything! love you all!!!!!!!
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

     To Elders Leaving Angola and returning to their Families
To : Elder Eckman, Perry, Arrington , Harper, and Richter, and those who have gone before,
Thank you Elders for you service and for setting great examples for 
the remaining Elders, the people, and the families of Angola whose lives you have 
touched forever. You have helped them to changed through the spirit of your testimonies 
and learning to love them. Angola will forever be a changed Country and will flourish 
with the light of the gospel. May Heavenly Father's richest
blessing be with you as you rejoin your families, and go on with lives of love and 
service.  We are grateful for you,
                                The Montgomery Family

June 18, 2013

It only gets worse before it gets better !!

45 weeks in Angola / 62 weeks on his mission
Oh I love this Happy Face. He got mail Yay, both packages (2.lbs each = $30 each ) and letters

Gnarly knee, fell in the street and busted it
 (oh I hope he keeps it clean, with No WATER yikes )  

 OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                  June 17, 2013
 I hope you all had an awesome week! I LOVE YOU ALL so much and am grateful for the prayers! 
So this week was another tough one! but ya, I’m good, we have one more week in this transfer and were just trying to get all  our investigators ready for baptism! Everyone is guessing that my and Elder Dunks area will get dissolved because were losing five missionaries and only gaining two, and we could split our area with the rest of the Cassequel branch. We’ll see, but ya, I will probably have transfer news next week. I’m doing good though.
I’ve been trying to be a better example in my day to day things, being exactly obedient and setting a good example. I have spent a lot of time on my knees praying and trying to be a better missionary, and the trials keep on coming so I think that’s the Lords answer, the trials will make me better haah I wish I would have figured this out last transfer! Ahaah but ya, I’m good . We’re preparing a cool guy named Serafim for baptism and Paula,( Joao’s wife, the last man we baptized). It should all work out and they’ll get baptized on the 29th| so that will be cool. Besides that not much happened this week, sorry for the boring letters.
I know the Lord has a sense of humor because my tests this week have been AMAZING haha a little sarcasm there
 haah funny things really quick that happened
        no water for a week
        no money since last Monday
        kicked the ball over the fence in day soccer,
        lost our phone in a taxi
        fell in the street and busted open my knee
        and had a pretty tough time with lessons
haha but anyways, just not to end off bad, before I go I’ll answer questions  haaha
   So were not in a district by ourselves, we just live in a house alone, and the other four elders in our district live in another house. and yeah I  thought that was pretty sweet that Elder Castleton ( he was Colin's MTC comp and they both has to wait in NJ for their visas) is the Branch Pres out in Huambo. He's a really good missionary. 
   For the new shoes, I found a guy that will actually resole my shoes for only ten dollars, so for at least a couple months hopefully I won’t be needing to buy any shoes, but I have had to take out some extra money out of my personal account lately because our house is out of water so we have to buy water and we have been out of money for a while, none of the Elders have gotten their money allotments,  but we should get it later today, just so you know though I took 60 dollars out this morning.
   That would be so amazing to see what scholarships I need to apply for and everything, I don’t want to burden on your vacation, but if you get a chance to do that, that would be amazing and we could get a jumpstart on that for next spring.
   Anyway, I love you all! mom tell Aunt Kathy Sisk thanks for her emails and sorry I didn’t have time to respond, but I love her and all hers!
I love you all familia! Have a good week
your missionary
Elder Montogmery

 ps I got your letter with the line of authority. thanks mom!! love you all!!!

June 10, 2013


This Blog is dedicated to Colin's Dad here at home~, and His Grandfathers that are his guardian Angels.

Grandpa Duke Ekins 1918-2000

Grandpa Ross Montgomery 1921-94

Grandpa LaVor Cluff 1912-84

Still Golf'n "Careca"

44 weeks in Angola
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!                                                                               June 10, 2013
Ok so this week flew by for sure!
It seems like I was just writing this same thing last week, so I’ll try to remember the things that happened ahah
But first to answer questions,
I got the two packages with the ensign scripture case and garments. Thank you sososososososossosos much! I have loved all of the stuff. Thanks mom. 
There was only two packages right? I thought three for some reason, and just wanna make sure ahah
Ok, so I can’t really think of anything that happened that was cool this week, but I did have a chance to write that letter to my grandpas, and dad, I hope you liked it.
 So wanted to dedicate this week’s letter to my Dad, ya that’s right Careca, this one’s for you!
I am so grateful for you in my life dad. I truly know that I am the man I am today because you and mom raised me right, and I have always, even if I didn’t show it,
 tried to follow your example. You are truly the greatest success story in my life and I am grateful to be your son. I know that you were raised in a
 different type of house, a you had to do a lot of things concerning becoming a man on your own, and I am grateful that you were so successful in
 turning yourself into the amazing man that you are. just as you said dad, many of the traits I have and consider valuable and will someday hope 
to pass on to my sons I got or learned from you. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have you as my father to lead me and guide me in the ways 
of righteousness, just as Alma led and taught his sons, just as King Mosiah , just as Moroni, and all the prophets, and just as Heavenly Father 
teaches and leads all of us. I am so grateful for you and I love you dad. My challenge to you for Father’s day is to ENjoy it! ahah shouldn’t be too hard. 
I know that as I follow your example in life, that I will be blessed and will lead and preside over my own family the way Heavenly Father intends.
Thank you for your love and example Dad I love you! and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!
also Happy Fathers day to all those who will get or read this!
just to close, I wanna tell you all who are getting this that I love you. I pray for all you, and hope you are happy, and have sick (great)  weeks. Loves from Africa!!!
Elder Montgomery

June 3, 2013

43 Blessings of a sons service to the Lord

Joao and Pailo Wedding 

Elder Montgomery, Joao and Pailo at Joaoa's baptism June 1, 2013
They have a son serving a mission in Cape Verde, 
his parents are baptisms are truly blessings of his service
Luanda market the place to buy Tribal and African hand made things,
and Someones Monkeys 

so ya. ola minha familia!                                                                                 June 3,2013
this week, wow. It’s been tuff. but it’s all good. It will get better!
This week we have hardly taught anyone it seems. It was a super busy week full of meetings. The doctor, training's, and everything else under the moon except missionary work, or so it felt. 
Started off Monday night we didn't get to have a family night because it got cancelled last minute. 
Tuesday we actually had five good lessons, and I thought the week would run awesome! Had some awesome new people who were very prepared to learn the gospel, and it was really cool. 
I went to the clinic, and met with the doctor and he said it was just some kind of allergy, and not a fungus, and that’s why it never itched like athletes foot does, but he gave me an anti allergic and a creme and its already completely gone. I’m all better!:)
Wednesday had district meeting, went to the clinic to take blood tests, and then had district meeting and worked the day through. nothing too special. 
Friday was really cool. All day mission conference with President and Sister Kretly. They left their finger prints on Angola and gave some really awesome counsels and everything how we should receive President and Sister Merrill with COMPLETELY open hearts. I really liked that idea. Even if president were to change things, or whatever he does, we have to follow our leader called by a prophet of God. I really liked that.
Another thing that Pres Kretly said was that this is our people. The people of Angola are our (or my) people and that will never change. I will be one of them and them part of me for the rest of my life, so I better work hard so that it is always a good memory of my mission and no regrets. That’s really hard but I’m workin on it!!!
Saturday was awesome with the baptism of Joao Lussala. He’s been trying to be baptized for 4 years now and just barely got married, then his wife and his daughter will be baptized in the end of this month. His son is serving a mission in Capo Verde, and I know his family is for sure receiving blessings on his behalf. 
Such a cool thing. Sunday was pretty normal church and studies, then we had a fireside from President Kretly and that took the rest of the day. So that was out week. Not much work done because of the meetings and everything, and me and Elder Dunkley are getting cabin fever living alone. but I’m getting through it. I’m learning to love for sure!!1!!
So just some funny things, dad your new name forever after the mission is "careca" (bald ) look it up in the dictionary haha
 Greg yours is paizinho which means "little dad" it’s the household name most oldest sons have. Everyone will have their nicknames when I get home but till now those are the two I’ve got. 
In the next package load a pen drive fullllllllllllllllllll of music church disney every every thing, (audio) and send it. That would be sweet for those quiet times!!
Well I don’t know what else to say so I'll end this off, but I love you all! Have awesome weeks and let me know how yall are doin. loves and beijinhos (kisses),
Elder Montgomery

Week 42 in Angola ~Raining Snakes and Fungus

42~         Raining Snakes and Fungus 
African fungus ended up being an allergy and is all cleared up.

Elder Montgomery and Dunkley making funge
Eating with Antonio and Sidonia and Paulo and Rita, Elders made the funge.

                                                                                                               May 27, 2013 

ola minha familia!!!
This week has been a super tough one! The work is stressing a guy out and making me lose my hair. Some things that happened this week were that my shoes gave out! The cordovan pair have officially worn a hole all the way through the soles. yeah that’s right  your boy is doin some work!!!! but ya, kinda sick because I tried to fix it with super glue,,,, and I think because of trying to fix my shoe and handling that bottom of it that is disgusting and I think that’s why I got this skin fungus that I sent pictures of! so those are some kinda annoying things that have happened. I feel good for literally walking through a pair of shoes, but now I’m trying to scramble to get them re-soled. hopefully it won’t cost tooo much.
but ya, that was some of the major doings this week. Also, we got to say bye to President and Sister Thompson. super sad to see them go, but I know they are happy at home in Canada!!
also a cool experience while I can remember to write about it,
We are teaching a family named Paulo and Rita. They are the ones who’s house me and Elder Dunkley made the funge from the pictures I sent earlier today. They are super cool and want to be baptized as soon as they can get married. Paulo had a dream this week that he shared with us that is super funny and cool. he said he had a dream(which is one VERY VERY common way for Africans to receive signs and promptings for the spirit, AFRICANS DREAM like crazy. makes for some good stories. ) but he had a dream that he met with me in the street and promised to come to church, but then Sunday came (still in the dream) and he didn’t wanna go,. So instead he was with his buddies under a tree, when he saw a snake in the tree and freaked out. Then it started raining not a whimpy rain, but like buckets full more than any rain he’d ever experienced, but it wasn’t raining water, it was raining cobras!!!! He was so scared and started to pray and ran  to the church, but the door was shut with a brick wall. Then he woke up. He said to me and Elder Dunk, I know that this was a sign  from God, I have to stay in the church forever, or the door will be shut!!!! holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya that was a cool one. He said he is already in second Nephi and wants to be baptized. such a champ. but ya. 
That was the story for this week. This week were stating President Kretly is coming o well have a zone conference and that will be fun. I hope. but  ya story I already gotta go! I hope you all have a good week! I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you all next week! Loves and kisses!
com amor

Elder Colin Jay Montgomery