June 24, 2013

CHANGES: Transfers,New Arrivals and Elders Returning Home

No Photos this week :(
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!                                                       June 24th. 2013
Hey all, sorry this will be a pretty short letter. Literally not much happened this week. haha our stats were even the exact same from last week. It was weird.  Elder Dunkley and I are staying together with our same area, and were moving into the other house with Elder Stewart and Elder Merkley, so that will be a lot of fun. They made me district leader. woohoo. haha I just wana be normal! ~ºbut ya we dropped all our investigators and decided to start from new because our area was stagnant, so we just kept all the couples preparing for baptism. This week we will have  baptisms in our area so that will be cool!:) I’m excited. Joao’s wife will get baptized, the couple that got married a few weeks ago then the husband baptized, its his wife will be baptized this week. Then two young guys named Serafim and Dorival, 25 and 18 years old. So we do have some progress. All of them have been investigators for over a year, so were just sweeping up the old ones with baptism  and then will start new ahha. 
So just a few shout outs and announcements,
I got your letter last week with the priesthood line. sorry I forgot to say anything last week:)
ELDER COLE JONES  HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAD: was the two things I always have with me my priesthood and my testimony? That’s all I could think of . If that’s not it I’m totally lost!
   In the next few months in the next package that gets sent mom or dad if you could put some exercise bands in the package? Just to help me stay in shape:) thanks!
    ok so sorry this is so short. I seriously cannot find the time these last few weeks to write, but the baptisms this week will give me something good to write about haha sorry everyone! Love you all though! Have a good week! 
   Just want to bear my  testimony on not giving up on people. The three baptisms we have this week should have all been dropped at one time or another, but because of second chances and spiritual promptings, they were not dropped and now will all be baptized! Don’t ever give up on anyone or anything! love you all!!!!!!!
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

     To Elders Leaving Angola and returning to their Families
To : Elder Eckman, Perry, Arrington , Harper, and Richter, and those who have gone before,
Thank you Elders for you service and for setting great examples for 
the remaining Elders, the people, and the families of Angola whose lives you have 
touched forever. You have helped them to changed through the spirit of your testimonies 
and learning to love them. Angola will forever be a changed Country and will flourish 
with the light of the gospel. May Heavenly Father's richest
blessing be with you as you rejoin your families, and go on with lives of love and 
service.  We are grateful for you,
                                The Montgomery Family

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