June 3, 2013

Week 42 in Angola ~Raining Snakes and Fungus

42~         Raining Snakes and Fungus 
African fungus ended up being an allergy and is all cleared up.

Elder Montgomery and Dunkley making funge
Eating with Antonio and Sidonia and Paulo and Rita, Elders made the funge.

                                                                                                               May 27, 2013 

ola minha familia!!!
This week has been a super tough one! The work is stressing a guy out and making me lose my hair. Some things that happened this week were that my shoes gave out! The cordovan pair have officially worn a hole all the way through the soles. yeah that’s right  your boy is doin some work!!!! but ya, kinda sick because I tried to fix it with super glue,,,, and I think because of trying to fix my shoe and handling that bottom of it that is disgusting and I think that’s why I got this skin fungus that I sent pictures of! so those are some kinda annoying things that have happened. I feel good for literally walking through a pair of shoes, but now I’m trying to scramble to get them re-soled. hopefully it won’t cost tooo much.
but ya, that was some of the major doings this week. Also, we got to say bye to President and Sister Thompson. super sad to see them go, but I know they are happy at home in Canada!!
also a cool experience while I can remember to write about it,
We are teaching a family named Paulo and Rita. They are the ones who’s house me and Elder Dunkley made the funge from the pictures I sent earlier today. They are super cool and want to be baptized as soon as they can get married. Paulo had a dream this week that he shared with us that is super funny and cool. he said he had a dream(which is one VERY VERY common way for Africans to receive signs and promptings for the spirit, AFRICANS DREAM like crazy. makes for some good stories. ) but he had a dream that he met with me in the street and promised to come to church, but then Sunday came (still in the dream) and he didn’t wanna go,. So instead he was with his buddies under a tree, when he saw a snake in the tree and freaked out. Then it started raining not a whimpy rain, but like buckets full more than any rain he’d ever experienced, but it wasn’t raining water, it was raining cobras!!!! He was so scared and started to pray and ran  to the church, but the door was shut with a brick wall. Then he woke up. He said to me and Elder Dunk, I know that this was a sign  from God, I have to stay in the church forever, or the door will be shut!!!! holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya that was a cool one. He said he is already in second Nephi and wants to be baptized. such a champ. but ya. 
That was the story for this week. This week were stating President Kretly is coming o well have a zone conference and that will be fun. I hope. but  ya story I already gotta go! I hope you all have a good week! I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you all next week! Loves and kisses!
com amor

Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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