June 3, 2013

43 Blessings of a sons service to the Lord

Joao and Pailo Wedding 

Elder Montgomery, Joao and Pailo at Joaoa's baptism June 1, 2013
They have a son serving a mission in Cape Verde, 
his parents are baptisms are truly blessings of his service
Luanda market the place to buy Tribal and African hand made things,
and Someones Monkeys 

so ya. ola minha familia!                                                                                 June 3,2013
this week, wow. It’s been tuff. but it’s all good. It will get better!
This week we have hardly taught anyone it seems. It was a super busy week full of meetings. The doctor, training's, and everything else under the moon except missionary work, or so it felt. 
Started off Monday night we didn't get to have a family night because it got cancelled last minute. 
Tuesday we actually had five good lessons, and I thought the week would run awesome! Had some awesome new people who were very prepared to learn the gospel, and it was really cool. 
I went to the clinic, and met with the doctor and he said it was just some kind of allergy, and not a fungus, and that’s why it never itched like athletes foot does, but he gave me an anti allergic and a creme and its already completely gone. I’m all better!:)
Wednesday had district meeting, went to the clinic to take blood tests, and then had district meeting and worked the day through. nothing too special. 
Friday was really cool. All day mission conference with President and Sister Kretly. They left their finger prints on Angola and gave some really awesome counsels and everything how we should receive President and Sister Merrill with COMPLETELY open hearts. I really liked that idea. Even if president were to change things, or whatever he does, we have to follow our leader called by a prophet of God. I really liked that.
Another thing that Pres Kretly said was that this is our people. The people of Angola are our (or my) people and that will never change. I will be one of them and them part of me for the rest of my life, so I better work hard so that it is always a good memory of my mission and no regrets. That’s really hard but I’m workin on it!!!
Saturday was awesome with the baptism of Joao Lussala. He’s been trying to be baptized for 4 years now and just barely got married, then his wife and his daughter will be baptized in the end of this month. His son is serving a mission in Capo Verde, and I know his family is for sure receiving blessings on his behalf. 
Such a cool thing. Sunday was pretty normal church and studies, then we had a fireside from President Kretly and that took the rest of the day. So that was out week. Not much work done because of the meetings and everything, and me and Elder Dunkley are getting cabin fever living alone. but I’m getting through it. I’m learning to love for sure!!1!!
So just some funny things, dad your new name forever after the mission is "careca" (bald ) look it up in the dictionary haha
 Greg yours is paizinho which means "little dad" it’s the household name most oldest sons have. Everyone will have their nicknames when I get home but till now those are the two I’ve got. 
In the next package load a pen drive fullllllllllllllllllll of music church disney every every thing, (audio) and send it. That would be sweet for those quiet times!!
Well I don’t know what else to say so I'll end this off, but I love you all! Have awesome weeks and let me know how yall are doin. loves and beijinhos (kisses),
Elder Montgomery

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