June 18, 2013

It only gets worse before it gets better !!

45 weeks in Angola / 62 weeks on his mission
Oh I love this Happy Face. He got mail Yay, both packages (2.lbs each = $30 each ) and letters

Gnarly knee, fell in the street and busted it
 (oh I hope he keeps it clean, with No WATER yikes )  

 OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                  June 17, 2013
 I hope you all had an awesome week! I LOVE YOU ALL so much and am grateful for the prayers! 
So this week was another tough one! but ya, I’m good, we have one more week in this transfer and were just trying to get all  our investigators ready for baptism! Everyone is guessing that my and Elder Dunks area will get dissolved because were losing five missionaries and only gaining two, and we could split our area with the rest of the Cassequel branch. We’ll see, but ya, I will probably have transfer news next week. I’m doing good though.
I’ve been trying to be a better example in my day to day things, being exactly obedient and setting a good example. I have spent a lot of time on my knees praying and trying to be a better missionary, and the trials keep on coming so I think that’s the Lords answer, the trials will make me better haah I wish I would have figured this out last transfer! Ahaah but ya, I’m good . We’re preparing a cool guy named Serafim for baptism and Paula,( Joao’s wife, the last man we baptized). It should all work out and they’ll get baptized on the 29th| so that will be cool. Besides that not much happened this week, sorry for the boring letters.
I know the Lord has a sense of humor because my tests this week have been AMAZING haha a little sarcasm there
 haah funny things really quick that happened
        no water for a week
        no money since last Monday
        kicked the ball over the fence in day soccer,
        lost our phone in a taxi
        fell in the street and busted open my knee
        and had a pretty tough time with lessons
haha but anyways, just not to end off bad, before I go I’ll answer questions  haaha
   So were not in a district by ourselves, we just live in a house alone, and the other four elders in our district live in another house. and yeah I  thought that was pretty sweet that Elder Castleton ( he was Colin's MTC comp and they both has to wait in NJ for their visas) is the Branch Pres out in Huambo. He's a really good missionary. 
   For the new shoes, I found a guy that will actually resole my shoes for only ten dollars, so for at least a couple months hopefully I won’t be needing to buy any shoes, but I have had to take out some extra money out of my personal account lately because our house is out of water so we have to buy water and we have been out of money for a while, none of the Elders have gotten their money allotments,  but we should get it later today, just so you know though I took 60 dollars out this morning.
   That would be so amazing to see what scholarships I need to apply for and everything, I don’t want to burden on your vacation, but if you get a chance to do that, that would be amazing and we could get a jumpstart on that for next spring.
   Anyway, I love you all! mom tell Aunt Kathy Sisk thanks for her emails and sorry I didn’t have time to respond, but I love her and all hers!
I love you all familia! Have a good week
your missionary
Elder Montogmery

 ps I got your letter with the line of authority. thanks mom!! love you all!!!

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