June 10, 2013


This Blog is dedicated to Colin's Dad here at home~, and His Grandfathers that are his guardian Angels.

Grandpa Duke Ekins 1918-2000

Grandpa Ross Montgomery 1921-94

Grandpa LaVor Cluff 1912-84

Still Golf'n "Careca"

44 weeks in Angola
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!                                                                               June 10, 2013
Ok so this week flew by for sure!
It seems like I was just writing this same thing last week, so I’ll try to remember the things that happened ahah
But first to answer questions,
I got the two packages with the ensign scripture case and garments. Thank you sososososososossosos much! I have loved all of the stuff. Thanks mom. 
There was only two packages right? I thought three for some reason, and just wanna make sure ahah
Ok, so I can’t really think of anything that happened that was cool this week, but I did have a chance to write that letter to my grandpas, and dad, I hope you liked it.
 So wanted to dedicate this week’s letter to my Dad, ya that’s right Careca, this one’s for you!
I am so grateful for you in my life dad. I truly know that I am the man I am today because you and mom raised me right, and I have always, even if I didn’t show it,
 tried to follow your example. You are truly the greatest success story in my life and I am grateful to be your son. I know that you were raised in a
 different type of house, a you had to do a lot of things concerning becoming a man on your own, and I am grateful that you were so successful in
 turning yourself into the amazing man that you are. just as you said dad, many of the traits I have and consider valuable and will someday hope 
to pass on to my sons I got or learned from you. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have you as my father to lead me and guide me in the ways 
of righteousness, just as Alma led and taught his sons, just as King Mosiah , just as Moroni, and all the prophets, and just as Heavenly Father 
teaches and leads all of us. I am so grateful for you and I love you dad. My challenge to you for Father’s day is to ENjoy it! ahah shouldn’t be too hard. 
I know that as I follow your example in life, that I will be blessed and will lead and preside over my own family the way Heavenly Father intends.
Thank you for your love and example Dad I love you! and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!
also Happy Fathers day to all those who will get or read this!
just to close, I wanna tell you all who are getting this that I love you. I pray for all you, and hope you are happy, and have sick (great)  weeks. Loves from Africa!!!
Elder Montgomery

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