May 20, 2013

Farewell President and Sister Thompson we sure Love you!!!!

41 Weeks
May 20,2013
ola minha familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first off as always, I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This week was a crazy stressful and busy one, but full of so many blessings. wow. seriously an amazing week.
First off, starting with the coolest stuff, Antonio got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. He’s a champ  and super strong. He’s already converting his neighbors!!!
Then Seretsy Grandy, one of our recent converts, got the Aaronic priesthood this week. super cool to see a life that truly turned around. the first time we met him he was hung over from an all night party and still in bed when we woke him up at 4 in the afternoon, and now he’s blessing the sacrament next week and bringing his brother into the church.
The other cool thing that happened this week is that an area 70 from south Africa, Elder Bricknell, came to visit our branch to see off Pres. and Sister Thompson. They leave on Wednesday. 
He gave the coolest testimony and told the Thompson’s crying and very bold. "The Lord has accepted your service here and is grateful and will bless you for it (then turning to the Thompson’s ) and don’t you ever forget it!" super strong testimony. He also read Bruce R McConkie’s last testimony..., of the Savior, and then Elder Bricknell said " I BEAR THE SAME TESTIMONY" Holy cow. You’ve never felt the spirit so strong. I was like whaTTTT!!!?? ... I don’t know but it got me thinking about what a special witness truly is. haha nuts. ya. Then he bore a testimony of the Savior too. He taught. Why do we take upon us the saviors name, why is that so important. Then with tears in his eyes he explained "because two thousand years ago, in that garden, in those agonizing hours of the infinite atonement, the Savior our Lord took upon himself our names, our sins ,our sadness, illnesses and everything bad we’ve ever passed through. He took that all upon him in our names, and for that, we take his name upon us. " I truly was so filled with the spirit. An amazing testimony and it’s so true.  I know that is it true, the Lord took upon him the entire world, and all he asks is that we take his name and honor it. I love the
Lord for that and am grateful for his sacrifice. That is why I’m here!!!! In Africa, to help others take the name of Christ, take up their crosses and follow him. How great is this mission! I love being a missionary! and I’m so grateful for all of you and your prayers. I love you all! Have good weeks and know that I love you! and am always praying for each and every one of you.
com muito muito amor,
Elder Montogmery
ps sorry so short! hope you all like the pictures
Saying Farewell to the Thompson's May 2013

President and Sister Thompson, Elder Montgomery May 2013 
Thompson's leaving served from Aug 2012/May 2013 

Singing farewell to the Thompson's May 2013 

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