May 6, 2013

the show goes on week # 2

L-R Elder Stewart, Eckamn, Brown, Tingey, goof ball Montgomery, Dunkley, Perry, Clifford, Money, ? Cafferty (from Elder Money's photo's)

not quite sure what he is mixing, or pounding. I don't think its homemade ice cream though.

39 weeks in angola                                                                                          May 6, 2013
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow the weeks are going so fast I didn't even have time to think of a cool subject line for the message... but I have had time to become really funny so its ok! 
so this week flewwwwww for sure. I don't even remember the things that happened but I wrote a few down so that you all could share the experience. sorry if I'm not making sense at all, this week really blew my mind on the stress and busyness. but it was super good. So first of all some big news, we got to watch 15 BAPTISMS this week, the coolest thing ever. They were from all the different branches, and all the different missionaries. so cool to see them all. So many people in white making pure covenants with their Heavenly Father. super cool. and one of our investigators came to the baptism. She said she could feel the spirit so strong during the whole thing, but then when like a twelve year old kid went to get baptized satan told her "he’s too young" and she started doubting, how could this child make a promise with God and a bunch of stuff like that, but then she noticed that the kid had a glow and a huge smile on his face, and then after he was baptized as he was leaving the font he had even a bigger glow and a bigger smile. Our investigator, Isabel, was like " he knew what he was doing.. he wasn't too young, and he new he was making a covenant with Heavenly Father  then she said that she knew without a doubt that this church is true and that she wants to make that exact same covenant and make the exact same promises, and feel the exact same thing that the twelve year old boy felt. 
It was soo cool. she said " I wanna change my will and start doing Gods will. " then we read in the missionary pamphlet, where it pretty much gives that exact example for repentance  she started crying and said she was so happy that she could feel those things and that us as missionaries with the spirit had been able to teach those things. truly a cool experience. 
Then the other investigator of ours came to us during church and wanted to talk. We knelt n prayer, and then he related to us ,,stuff we already knew, but said it again, about how hard his life is. 25 years old. out of work. never finished school, both parents already past away, and he hadn't eaten for a few days because he has no money, and he doesn't know what to do because the only time he feels the love of God is with the missionaries and at church, which is only a few times at week. so he the said, "I know to feel Gods love I need to be closer to him,. I know that baptism is how I can become closer to him, so I"m going to be baptized the 29th of June. I was in shock after the week before when he hadn't wanted to set a certain date, and I knew that the Lord had been working in him and through his hardships in life to teach him, and through those things he's going to become a great teacher and man and future husband and dad because he knows how to be humble!!!
so those were come cool things about the week. aside from those, it was a very stressful week. we've been preparing three people for baptism on the 18th of May,and its stressing my brains out, 
BUT it’s all good because the Lord is in this work and is strengthening me......

So besides all that, we had an awesome week. Some news we received is that President and Sister Thompson are going home like a month and a half early. They leave Angola on May 22. President Kretly will come and stay till the 5th of June  then well be alone till the 29th of June when the Merrill's will be here if all goes well and they get their visas on time.  so that's crazy that Pres and Sis Thompson are leaving so soon. super sad. I love them.
ok so just to answer to questions,,, FOR MOTHERS DAY
 so at  Angola time Sunday night I will skype home. at 6 or 7 at night. so i need you to be ready on the other end at  or 10 11 in the morn. Arizona time....
anyways I gotta wrap up! I love you all I cannot wait to see your beautiful smiling faces this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! six days! I'm so excited to see you all. I love you all! I only have one small request for the next email or letter, dad, I don't have my line of authority, I haven't ever had one on my mission but I would love to have it. I can print it out and laminate it here.
ok I think that's all! I love you all so much! Have good weeks!!! until Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
com amor
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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