April 29, 2013

The Show Goes on...!


Elder Dunkley and Montgomery

Back: Elder Merkley?, Eckman, Stewart , Dredge, Wilhelm, Montgomery, 
Front: Harper, Clifford, Dunkley, Arrington

The show goes on!                                                                                          April 29, 2013
  This week was pretty good. it was kind a hard after having the two baptisms and then our next two baptisms fell because one of our investigators found out his girlfriend is three months pregnant and on Wednesday she got an abortion, something very common in Angola, and the other investigator  found out her fiancé has  a wife..... so lots of bad situations this week, but it’s ok!!! I’m not losing faith. me and Elder Dunkley had a pretty slow week, but were gonna change the way we work our two areas and make sure we get the maximum work in this next week. We’re really excited. 
but ya it was a pretty normal week, it’s starting to cool off just a little tiny bit, so that’s nice.  after about  80 at night it’s ok outside and bearable. I sweat so much that I don’t even realize it anymore. Only on my face, but we pretty much walk around soaking wet all day it’s fun stuff. really humid~which I’m not used too. The dry getting off the plane in AZ here in about a year  the dry is gonna be like a nice little welcome home. I love dry haha I hate humidity. 
Everything is going good here in Luanda, we’re just trying to rebuild the area after the work Clifford and I did, then you sift through and get some baptisms, and then start over! That’s the missionary life-.
I’m good here in Cassequel. Just working hard and trying to follow the spirit, which is the hardest thing to do for sure, especially when your training and have to make a lot of major decisions yourself, but its good, and I’m loving it!!!
ok now for answering questions!!
Things with Elder Dunkley are awesome, I think I learn more from him each day than he does from me so that’s fun. It’s harder than I thought it would be being a trainer, mostly because I’m not a natural teacher, I do better just getting in the driving seat and showing someone and explain, then let them try, instead of teaching, so I’m struggling with that but me and Elder Dunkley get along great. I tease him a lot about his Texas pride that pride is the fall of all things and stuff like that, but its good we have a good time. 
We haven’t had any more flooding, just a few small rains.
Yes I met the Freeman’s once at church two weeks ago. They are really cool. I already knew Brother Freeman but I just barely met Sister Freeman, and I thanked her a ton for the package. 
The other family is the Weggeland’s and they live in the same building as the Freeman’s. They are from Utah and Texas and Alaska (oil engineer for BP) and we eat dinner at their house every Sunday night. It’s a nice treat to start p-day.
please send ...
   dad, we haven’t had a ton of fun stuff to do, mostly because we like to relax on p-day  if we don’t go to play soccer, because with Angolan traffic, that would put New York traffic to shame, we waste like half the day going any where, but today we tried to go to a war museum, but it was closed haah so we just walked around the Luanda equivalent of the boardwalk in Newport and took pics that was pretty fun. 
haah the food is always expensive, but we have been finding new supermarkets lately with good stuff from the US, like today elder Clifford and Dunkley, they bought gatorade today, a case of 15 for 40 bucks!!! ahaha if that puts stuff in perspective. 
Dad you’d actually be really proud, I’ve lost like 20 pounds in Luanda so far, and I am in better shape than I was the end of my senior year when I had my beach body and all that. that’s how much we sweat here in Luanda haah
I’ll be sure to figure out what is the deal with mother’s day I haven’t heard anything yet but ill let you  all know next week for sure. 
Anyway I’ll wrap this up. I love you all have good weeks!! Kaleb happy birthday! and Rex happy bday too!!! Love you all and cant wait to hear how the week went!! Have a good one lots of love and prayers all the way from Angola!!! 
com amor,
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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