April 15, 2013

52 semanas no campo missionário “SEMANA CORCUNDA” (Hump Day)

and Birthday all in one week
Thank you Sister F. for taking a birthday package to Elder Montgomery
american deodorant, white strips, socks, new t shoes, tie 
and b-day cards from friends and  family 

this mamma (Tammy) is envying this beautiful cake made by Fil..... Elder Montgomery was 
spoiled by her she made the B day cake and cooked them B day dinner.
Fil.... will be baptized this week. Congratulations to Her!!!! Amor

Ola Minha Familia!!!!!!!!!! wow I cannot believe how fast this week went, but nothing compared to how fast the YEAR  of my mission has flown by holy cow I cannot believe that this week I hit my hump day. nuts for sure!! but I know that Lord has blessed you all and me too in this last year, and I am grateful for everything I've learned an all the experiences I've had. It sure flew by and i know the next one will be even faster!

So this week was good. I finally got feeling better and me and Elder Dunkley got into our full work load. He is such a champion. He loves to work and wants to speak the language every second he gets. He is truly gonna be an awesome missionary. Obviously he’s still learning but he’s already doing so good. I’m super proud to be his trainer. He definitely makes me look good haha
 This week has been an awesome but hectic one! We've been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find new people at the exact same time we are preparing a few for baptisms! but I’m happy to say Sunday we had two people pass their baptismal interviews, S.... G..., yes that’s really his name, and F..., they are both young in their twenties and truly awesome. Me and Elder Clifford found both of them and have seen them progress all the way through so its super cool to see them preparing for baptism and they will both get baptized this week on the 20th! I’m so freaking pumped out of my mind that I can’ explain>!!!!
Then on Friday was my bday!!!! woohoo 20 years old!!! I don’t feel any older but Elder Eckman my DL explained that I can now use the phrases "when I was a teenager/kid" and "kids these days..." so you’ll hear those used in my future emails!! Other than that my bday went off without a hitch. Pretty normal day, had some dry Angolan cake, ate some steak , all the works! It was awesome! I loved it or sure, then on Sunday, yesterday, I got my package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sosossoo stoked to open it. I loved every single thing that was is it!!! I’m so excited for the American toothpaste and deodorant, and mom, you did so good picking the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lover them!!!! So comfortable and perfect for soccer and everything. thank you so much! I got my debit card too without problem’s- so that was a truly awesome way to end the week! I loved the package! Thank you! I still haven’t met Sister Freeman but mom please give them a huge thanks for me!!!

ok well sorry this is so short. I think just with every week in the mission it gets harder to write things that happened because I forget so much! sorry! but I love you all!!!! pray this week for S.... and Fil.... baptisms to go tudu bem! I love you all so much and can’t wait to talk to you net week!  Have awesome weeks, and I love you all!~~com amor, your Elder,
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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