April 8, 2013

New Elder Dunkley, Colin's New Companion, Week of being sick, and lots of Water

Week 35 in Angola
Colin's brand new to Angola companion Welcome Elder Dunkley,
at the internet store where they email.

(the next 4 pictures are via Sister Dunkley from Elder Dunkley's  first 3 days in Luanda)
their flooded apartment, it is HOT and HUMID!!!

Out side of their apartment, I wonder if its under construction or if 
this is just as good as it gets.

City street in Luanda ,rainy season no street drainage

need a boat.

ola minha familia!!!!!!!!!!                                                                              April 8, 2013
wow. first to everyone I just want to say thank you! I love you all sosososos much and I am so grateful to get all the birthday wishes! They truly warmed my heart and put the best kind of tears in my eyes. thank you all so much!!!!!!
  So I am sorry this will be a short one, I’ll try to answer all questions and everything and talk about elder Dunkley! He’s from Texas and we get along awesome! He got here Saturday morning, so we worked Saturday and that’s all we’ve been able to do so far, but I love him and am super excited to be his trainer!!!! it truly will be an awesome and fun experience!!!
   Mom I’m super excited for the package, the Freeman’s live in the same building as the Weggeland’s and we go to the Weggeland’s every Sunday night for dinner, so I’ll get my package Sunday night right before p-day it will be perfect! I’m stoked out of my mind!!
but ya I did get to say goodbye to the other elders. It was super weird to think that I’m there in a year!!!!
 and yes mom I forgot to say I got ms Weiss' letter, and I just have not had time to write ANY one back, tell her I promise I didn’t forget and I was so grateful for her letter and that she remembered me as much as I remembered her! She was truly one of my favorite teachers!! and tell her I really do know how to write its just the time!
  So anyways, this week has be theeeeeeeeeeeeeee loooooooooooooooooongeeeeeeeeeeeestttttttttttttttttttttt week of my entire mission. Tuesday night I got a headache that would kill an elephant and then a fever; I think the worst I’ve ever had. and they stayed until today. So I haven’t really slept, eaten or done much this week besides work. I tried to do my best but I know I was pretty out of it, and without eating or sleeping, because I also have the worst swollen throat I’ve ever had. So this week has been a long one, but it’s all starting to go away and we finally have water and power. So this next week should be super fun!!
Elder Dunkley  and I will start his training program tomorrow and I’m super excited, one because every greenie brings a new spirit to the companionship, and also because we have 7 baptisms in this next transfer!! I’m so stoked for that and for being companions with elder Dunkley he’s super excited to be here and so am I!
  Ya anyways, I’m doing good now, don’t worry about my health it will all pass and as soon as I can eat again I will be fine. The one plus is without eating this week I am sure I lost like 15 good pounds of saved up fat! woohoo! ow I gotta be careful I don’t wither up and die!
ya I’m doing good! thank you all so much for your love and prayers, and for alllll the birthday wishes, written and spoken. I was able to watch Tori’s video and each of your messages put happy tears right on my face! thank you all so much! I love you all so much! Have an awesome week! love yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Montgomery

ps.I sent a message back to him and he was still on emailing so I asked…

Mom: Love you son!!!! Do you think you have the pre malaria ? Do Thompsons know you've been sick ? Is your throat from the other symptoms too or a an infection ? What meds have you taken did you go to a Dr?
Love Love you!!!

Colin said:  ya I’ve been to the hospital and done every test in the world. They think its just some weird flu. Negative for malaria, typhoid, and a ton of other stuff so that’s good. LOVE YOU!!!!
Mom:  Did they give you meds? Shots with clean needles? Drink lots of water don't get dehydrated , that causes headaches too . Love you take care, soups will be good getting back on food :) Love you son!!! Hope your weeks great prayers. 

Colin:  ya I have everything I’ll need:) and I’m drinking so much it’s not even healthy I think I’m gonna get water poisoning ahah I love you so much mom! Have an awesome week! Be happy! "don’t worry about me, BUT PARTY WITHOUT ME!" motto of the week:)!! share with everyone! I love you so much! can’t wait for the package, than think, next month, Skype again for Mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)Love you!!!!


  1. Colin! i just checked out your blog! i have a blog too! check it out at kykykatie.blogspot.com ! blog spot is so cool!

  2. Hey baby! Oh wait "Elder" baby! Layne said this is what his streets looked like in the Phillipines. Sometimes it was waist deep. Yuck! You had better start eating more, you're going to worry your Mama! (But no more creepy crawlers!) Is there a McDonalds? That will settle your stomach! Love the pictures you send, it is great to see you. Layne says it looks very familiar to his area. We have a couple, Bro. & Sis. Ficklin, who served in Luaunda. They were so excited to hear that it is now its own mission. Love you Elder! - Kathy Sisk