May 13, 2013

Post Mother Day Skyping :

Skyping for Mothers Day so great !!!

it looks clear coming out of the faucet, very deceiving 

Elder Dunkley's night time friend
40 weeks in Angola
ola minha familia!!!!!                                                                                      May 13, 2013
I love you all! Hope your weeks were as good as mine. This week flew by so fast especially with skype on Sunday and everything but it was all I could a hoped for. Such a good night. Thanks for being there everyone. I loved seeing you all. It truly was the best. Graham is huge and so are Claire and beau. I barely even recognized them!!! It was soo good to see them though. and to see all of you. I loved it!!!! 
Well this week was good, we had a slow week work wise but got everything we needed done! 
Today we got transfers. Elder Wilhelm is assistant with Elder Mariquele. Elder Clifford is going to Vienna, Elder Dredge is going to Huambo and their area is getting dissolved, and then me and Elder Dunkley stay the same. We will be living in our house all alone haha it will be interesting living alone can be scary at times talking cabin fever but I think we’ll be fine. 
Elder Dunkley is doing amazing. Still got so much desire and drive he’s a stud. We worked out all our problems and now it’s going awesome. We’re just gonna do work like none other this next transfer. Super stoked. 
Well I can’t really think of anything more. It was so good to see everyone on skype though. I love you al so much!!! have good weeks. Sorry this was super short ahah but till next week!
com muito amor
elder montogmery
ps dad  ran out of money and had to take 60 personal out just so you know where it went.

pss Aunt Kathy thanks s much for the message! loved it. Give all the Sisk’s and Utah fam loves for me! miss you all! Can’t wait to come live in Utah with you all after the mission! Have good weeks!! 
psss #1 picture of the water is literally for a few days that’s how dirty the water coming out of our sink was!!! mmm good!
Picture #2 then the mouse we found and..... sent to the spiritual world. he was in Elder Dunkley’s bed, I mean he deserved to pass on to the other side.

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