September 6, 2013

Pray for our Elders, Safety, and Visa's

Luanda Boardwalk 
Elders Chillin on P Day
(photo from Elder Money's blog) 

Mini Zip line

Hard working Luanda Trudging Feet

My Mean Face , haha 

Week 56
Roller coaster                                                                                                Sept .2, 2013
Wow so this week was a roller coaster emotionally spiritually, physically, everything.
Where to start, basically all the work me and Elder Tingey have been doing was bringing results until this week. We had over ten progressing investigators, which is a lot. Basically we had kind a the opposite effect of all our work cave in on us this week, and a lot of our people stopped progressing because we hadn't been focusing on a small group, but had been giving reference to a big group and neglecting those who needed it a ton. We had one guy with a baptismal date come out and tell us he doesn't really know if he believes in god, another girl came out and said she has a serious drinking problem and has a husband in Holland so she’s trying to leave Angola ( good i guess ) and another guy completely dissappeared about two weeks ago and we haven't been able to meet him. so those things are all the sad things that have happened,
BUT there was of course also many blessings:) One was I. , the woman elder Clifford and I found, who read all the book of mormon and was the most prepared woman I ever met, she came out of the woodwork and now will get baptized on the 21st, and then one of the daughters of J. and P. will be baptized on the 14th. Those are pretty much or sure. So those were some cool blessings. 
  You all of course heard already about how Elder C. and Elder G. got robbed, and Elder Chandler was stabbed. It was pretty crazy to hear that story, but pretty cool that the lord protected him. The guy tried I think three times to stab him right in the spine, but the knife wouldn't go in, so he stabbed him in the shoulder and it went it. pretty crazy. I definitely think the lord was protecting him. I have never served in that area, so who knows if I’ll serve there. it makes me wanna walk around with a knife!
  Elder Tingey and me are loving being companions. 
  Sunday we had a kind a scary experience. This handicapped lady in our branch had kind a mental breakdown and seizure at the same time, and we had to carry her out to the car and take her home and gave her a blessing. as soon as we gave the blessing she stopped groaning and calmed down and just slept. it was really cool to be able to give her that blessing and see the power of the priesthood work just like that. really cool. its real!
Well I’ll close this letter. I know the church is true. Even through alllll the things we go through in life, we can never lose faith in the things we know, the people we love, and our Savior who suffered for all of us. and the best thing we can do is give him our will!
cool quote: "Conversion is an offering of self that we give to god, in gratitude for the gift of testimony." David A. Bednar. 
give the Lord our will, and he will direct us in all we do! I know that's true, or I would be here in Angola. I love you all! have amazing weeks. 
The picture are from last p day, we got to go to this boardwalk place and do a little mini zip line, SO FUN, then I got my mean face and glasses on, all that fun stuff. 
like Greg said,
The church is true, the book is blue!
love you all! have a good week, 
and all of you remember that someone in Africa loves you!
com muito amor,
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

ps, dad, speak for yourself on being far away from medical help and jumping or falling of high things! haha mom taddle tailled on you. love ya! be safe old man!

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