August 26, 2013

WORK, WORK, WORK its awesome

Week 55 in Angola                                                                                        Aug 26, 2013 
Ola minha familia!!!
wow, this week was absolutely amazing. i have never worked so hard my entire mission. Really though, this week was so full of work, I am exhausted and this pday was much much needed. It all started out with Tuesday, me and Elder Tingey deciding that we were gonna have a 100% day. have all the lessons we plan working out so we prayed and planned really good and set up the perfect day. We got eight lessons and had time for nine, and almost were able to get nine, but the very last lesson, our investigators mom was in the hospital so he couldn't meet. it was kinda frustrating but then we looked at all the blessings we had already received that day and we decided the lord was satisfied with out work. then the next day and the next and the next we just kept on having the same work ethic and all the way through Friday. Friday night we came home tired as we could both be and we already had 21 lessons!!! that's usually a full week of work!
so ya that was sweet.  But i think because we were working so hard, elder Tingey's immune system gave in or we ate something bad because he got super sick with a stomach bug on Saturday, so we had to stay all Saturday in the house, but it wasn't a huge bummer because we still had Sunday and had already done the whole weeks worth of work. 
Sunday was awesome and we ended up at the Weggeland's house for dinner ... then we had an awesome spiritual thought afterward. it was really awesome and fun. 
That was basically our week, when Elder Tingey was sick I read all of Helaman and Romans that day, I love Helaman so much! Samual the lamanite has always been one of my favorite Book of Mormon heroes, and I loved reading about him. he goes into some very deep talks about repentance, and that's one of my favorite gospel topics. The Atonement is so cool and real. I love it.
  So that was basically my week. this transfer is already going so fast this is me and elder Tingey's third week together and were just doing work all day everyday.
one thing i learned this week was the power of prayer. we have to pray with faith and we will get and answer. when we get that answer we have to act, and when we act in accordance with that answer or prompting, it is the lords will, and all will work out for the better. its all about doing the lords will!!
   This week has been awesome though and i am continually loving my mission more and more. i love learning and helping other people learn about Christ and his atonement for us. I love this gospel, and I love being a missionary!!!! I cannot believe that I've been doing this for 16 months already, I will never understand how time flies so fast. 
I love you all though and thank you for your love and prayers. 
mom, to answer your question, I have worn m glasses all week, because my eyes were super red and I had allergies and so I wore my glasses all week and it was doable, annoying but doable, so I think I'm fine for  now I just need to were my glasses more. 
but I'm good though! I'll write back a little more later when we come back to the internet cafe.
The picture is Dorival our recent convert, we switched roles one night and he and Elder Tingey and him taught me. It was so fun. but have a good week everyone! I'll write back later tonight. I love you all so much!!!!
Elder Colin Montgmery

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