August 5, 2013

1 Year in Angola

  1 Year in Angola 

Natalia baptized in Portugal by Colin's MTC Teacher

Personal Motivating Quote 

In the Aug. Ensign talk "Obedience" by F Michael Watson
 - talks about the Angola Luanda Mission and a Sister Lassalete Goncalves this is her, we eat lunch at her house and know her and her strong family very well, some of the best members in Angola. 
this poster she is holding is for a blood drive that the Luanda dist. is holding through Mormon Helping hands.

After Baptisms Saturday, we ate lunch at KFC (only American fast food in Angola), and only in Angola are there chickens in the streets everywhere, including this one on top of a car in the KFC parking lot:).
they ought to name him Forest "RUN FOREST RUN " 

 52 OLA MINHA FAMAILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                     Aug 5, 2013
So this week marks my 1 year in Angola. it has flown by extremely fast. I cannot believe 1 year ago I was flying into this crazy city at 11 at night and about to start the craziest adventure of my life. I love Angola! SOU MWANGOLE! (IM ANGOLAN! ( in slang))
  But now I’ll cut right to the Chase and give you transfer information!!!
  I am staying in Cassequel C and will be companions with Elder TINGEY from Mesa Az!!!!  I am very very excited! I still haven't had a chance to talk to him, but still, I’m really excited. Elder Dunkley will go to Vianna and be companions with Elder Hannay from Utah. Im so excited to be companions with Elder Tingey. That makes five months in Cassequel, and two of my companions were both from Mesa. Arizona is really representing in Angola!
  This week was good though. Elder Dunkley and I are such good friends. I am kinda sad now that he is gonna be leaving, I feel like we could have done such great work if we had been together for one more transfer, but you  know what they say, all good things have an end, That’s mission life though constant changes.
  So Tuesday me, Elder Hyde and McCune had a fast together with our parents. It was really cool and very spiritual. I think I hit a spiritual high Tuesday night, that's when I found the "you shall not falter nor shall you fail" quote.
  Wednesday we had a mission conference. Let me just say, SO spiritual, the only speakers were President and Sister Merrill, and they both bore such powerful testimonies. They bore testimonies of how much they love us and Angola, it was very powerful. I love them. I know for sure they were called of God to be here. The teaching they gave came from the Lord. D&C 1: I think verse 38 "whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." i try to do everything i can and follow President Merrill as if it was God himself leading this mission, because in all reality, it is through President Merrill that he is leading this mission! I love him and Sister Merrill so much!
 I did have a really cool experience studying and reading my patriarchal blessing one night. Sometimes things we read too fast and don't catch are VERY important and stick out like crazy. So everyone's, challenge for the week, read your patriarchal blessings OUTLOUD in a room alone, and see how it sounds and what sticks out. Really cool. It really makes a difference when you read it out loud. I loved it. try it!
  Today for p-day we had a huge lunch and made fries and burgers and fun stuff like that. I am turning into quite the chef if I might say so myself.
  I wanted to bear my testimony about this week is that quote.
 "you shall not falter, nor shall you fail." I know that when the Lord is on our side, we cannot fail. He will lift us guide us and fight for us when we cannot fight anymore. I know that is true. I have felt the Lord lift me up and send guardian angels like my grandpas many times on my mission. I love that we have a personal God. He is almighty all powerful and completely  perfect, and  He knows us each individually and loves to answer our prayers and help us. It’s amazing!
WORK -WORK - WORK; there is no satisfactory substitute! I think Ezra Taft Benson said that. It’s true! I pray we can all work hard this week, and receive the Lords blessings! I love you all! Have a good week!
come muito amor,
Elder Montgomery

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