August 21, 2013

Burgers and Beach Missionary Style

Burgers and Beach Missionary Style
Burgers Angola Style ~Elder Tingey and Montgomery 

The Beach P`Day West Coast of Angola Africa, its along swim home.

New meaning to Elders favorite word "Flippin" 

Elder Tingey and Money "Gilligan the Skipper too..." 

54 weeks in Angola
OLA MINHA FAMLIA!!!!!!!!!!                                                                          Aug 19,2013
So this week, wow, was amazing. So much fun, so much work, so much teaching, so much everything, but no stress and no contention. I literally have nothing bad to say about this week. 
So first off, I have a really cool concept to talk about that I read in a talk that Elder Tingey has printed out. Its talking about what kind of missionary we are. 
"The only thing you can or ever will be able to give to the lord as a gift, is your will."
That is so powerful!!!
No matter what we do in life, we are not gonna be happy unless it is part of the Lords plan that he has made for us. We will always be within the Lord’s plan if we give him our will. 
That’s not to say we cannot make our own choices, it’s all about making our own choices, but making the right ones, the ones that will lead us back to heavenly father. 
THAT impacted me a lot this week. I love that thought, that WE have the choice to have eternal life but we have to choose it by giving our will to the lord. 
So this week was really good though!!! Today for p-day we went to the beach. It was a blast.
Me and Elder Tingey are working our tails off and having a blast doing it. I literally cannot complain one single bit about him. He’s an amazing companion, full of the spirit, but spontaneous and fun and a hard worker. I can’t say enough good about him, and of course were both awesome being from AZ. 
We had the awesome opportunity to set some new baptismal dates this week, and we had twelve investigators at church, and 14 progressing investigators. 
 This week in my studies I finished Alma and started Helaman. I’m really excited to read about Samuel the Lamanite. That is one of my favorite stories. 
  That’s all I got for this week, sorry no baptisms lately. 
To answer questions, I am district leader, and the older missionary. 8 MONTHS LEFT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, so crazy its flying. I’m so excited for this transfer. Me and Elder Tingey are doing work. I love you all! My challenge for this week is for you all to improve your personal prayers. We could always use a little checkup. I’m trying to do that too, and I will pray for all of you. I always do. Have good week and know someone in Africa loves you all  too!
com muito amor,

Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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