October 28, 2013

63 Weeks in Angola / 80 on His Mission

Watching General Conf this week at the church building

Imbomdero Tree

Elder Montgomery and Tingey with a new convert 
Baptised Saturday, Colin taught her in Cassequel 

New Convert  with Elder Montgomery, Dunkley, and Francisco 
( Francisco ok he's new I have never heard of him, any Moms have any info on him?) 

63 Weeks in Angola    80 in the Mission                                            Oct 28, 2013

ola minha familia!!!!
Love you all and hope everyone’s week was the best. This will be a short one, Just because nothing at all happened with me this week haah
 here are the transfer changes....
If that means anything to anyone besides mom I don’t know ahah but there it is. To answer questions really quick, mom, I got the package this week! Thanks I loved the letters and the exercise band and I loved love love the quote book. thank you!
Mom, I have to approval to do college app stuff any pday I need to, president said that’s ok. just let me know when you need me to do stuff ahead of time. I don’t know if I can really write essays...... my writing is horrible as you all know.
KATE!!! I won’t and can’t forget you don’t you worry!
Graham, your on for the game on April 19th buddy!!!!
Sorry that this email is super short. We had two day of no work this week because we had interviews with president, that was good, just took us out of work for a day, and then with general conference we had another two days out, so we didn’t get to do much work this week. We found out one of our recent converts isn’t married to her husband, because he was in Angola when she was in Portugal when she was baptized, so it’s the elders fault in Portugal that she is not know worthy..... a little frustrating. She was embarrassed and wanted to stop coming to church. but were working with her. We will probably have three baptisms this week, a family we are waiting to get married decided the kids wanna get baptized now so cross our fingers and pray that happens this week!!!! 
Anyway, that’s all for me, and Elder Merkley are stoked for another transfer together. It will be fun. We’ve got lots of work to do with the members in our branch. 
I love you all. Hope that you all have good weeks. I’ll get you my Christmas list next week mom. loves!!! 
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

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