November 8, 2013

64 weeks in Angola

Pictures from Sister Merrills blog since Colin had problems sending some this week
                                                               Elder Merkley and Montgomery mixing up some of their favorite food for Conf Week End at Pres Merrill's

 Conf Week end at Pres Merrill's, who knows what their up to.  

 P-Day at he beach FOOTBALL 

 Looks Serious 

 Traffic Luanda Style 

64 weeks in Angola                                                                                          Nov. 3, 2013
I hope everyone had amazing weeks, i sure did. talk about stressful though. wow. so we had two baptisms this Saturday, two sons of a family I’ve been teaching with elder Merkley who are just waiting on marriage! It was the most stressful week of my mission yet, and the baptismal service was very very unorganized because none of our branch showed up, just the missionaries, but it was good. Sorry no pics of the baptisms, this computer is not working with my sd card
Also we had so many miracles this week, and I really really wanted to tell you all about them but the stupid internet cafe just told us they are closing in 5 minutes and we have to get off, and they didn’t tell us before. I’m sorry everyone!!!!!!! This is Angola people, forgive me haah
But anyways, ya I’m doing good, just having a blast with elder Merkley, our area is really droping good right now we have a goal of 6 baptisms this transfer and its totally reach able for us, so I’m stoked!!! I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry this is SO short, gotta love people who don’t tell you important things like the internet closes in 30 minutes when we needed an hour and a half. sorry! I love you all! have a good week!
Mom, I have literally no idea what classes I’ll need when I go back to BYU.. but for my Christmas package,
Old spice sweat defense deodorant, crest tooth paste,, Christmas cards from people and  wedding invites, stuff like that and 3x5 post it notes, more next week love you all!

Elder Montgomery

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