November 19, 2013

 Baptisms Nov 16,2013
Elder Montgomery with D, and Her Aunt E. 

Elder Montgomery with D., and her
 Aunt E, and Elder Merkley

Elder Montgomery with D at her Baptism 11/16/2013

66 Weeks in Angola                                                                            Nov 18, 2013
Ola Minha Familia! 
Happy birthday to Aunt Coco and Marlise! Have awesome birthdays and I love you both!!!
This week was awesome. I’m grateful to be where I am right now. I know this is exactly where the lord wants me and when. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and help others. I know that service is the best way we can show charity, and without charity, NADA SOMOS!
This week i learned a lot about patience, and my weaknesses, and relying on prayer and the lord. We had two more baptisms this week, D, and E, the sister and the aunt of the two boys baptized this last week. It was a really good service, and finally for once all the people responsible for the baptismal meeting came and it ran smoothly. Rare! But it was really good. I baptized them both, so that was really cool. Then on Sunday they were both confirmed, and then right after D sang a solo in the primary program. It was so cute! She’s the smartest little girl, and definitely the most in touch with the spirit in her whole family, and she’s only 11!
Our hour of consecration worked perfectly! We met a lady who knew about the church from Portugal, but never sat with the missionaries, and really wants too, so were gonna go to here house tomorrow! She seems really prepared, so we’ll see! But thanks for the idea Jake, it works for sure!
Other than that it was just another week, nothing that stuck out huge amazing, sorry everyone! Missionary life is just that way sometimes!
I’m excited to see your smiling faces here in about a month though!
I know this work is the lord’s work and that this is his gospel. I was reading in ether this week, and i was amazed at how over and over again, the brother of Jared would just turn to the lord in prayer and receive an answer or a blessing, and I thought "now why doesn’t that happen to me????" and then I read a little more, and the lord said to him, all these things I have done unto you because of this long time ye have cried unto me. Then later it talks about how the faith of the brother of Jared was so perfect that he knew nothing doubting. I wish I could have faith like that! But that’s why we’re all here is to grow our tree of faith every day, we have to water our tree everyday or it won’t grow. If it’s not growing it’s dying, so make sure each and every one of you is watering your tree of faith daily, and praying unceasingly to the lord. 
I love you all! sorry my letters are increasingly shorter as time goes on. But I have missionary Alzheimer’s. I don’t remember what i did last week or the week before. it’s all a blur!
I love you’ll ad I love the lord, and I know this is his work I’m doin. Have good weeks, and don’t forget, if your trees not growing, it’s dying!
com muito amor,

Elder Montgomery

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