October 14, 2013


we're not counting , but he has 6 months left :)

Helping hands after a good hard day of manual labor :)

Elder Merkley walking in front of their housing compound 

the back porch
carport love pretty nice, it is the nicest place Colin has stayed. 

61 weeks in Angola
ola minha familia!!!!!!                                                             Oct 14, 2013
First off, HUNTER HAPPY LATE BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow I’m forgetting everyone’s bdays this week. Sorry for that! I love you though and hope our bday was sweet and full of felicidades!!!!!
wow, this week was the best ever seriously, I love being a  missionary!
I don’t even know where to start. We had 7 new investigators, lots of teaching, lots of people at church, a whole day mixing and laying concrete, and an awesome pday full of soccer until right now, then awesome emails from yall,. I love you all. Thanks for the love and support.
So this week FLEW by very fast. I honestly can’t even think of everything we did, there was so much work.
We taught one night a family about service, then the next day went to their house and mixed concrete for their roof, and got all nice and dirty. I looked exactly like a day of work at rainforest!! It was fun though, and I impressed Danielson the investigator when I knew already how to mix and lay cement. and as I was breaking up some cement, I was swinging the hammer and thought about what  dad always said, "you gotta know how to swing a hammer like a man." haha I woulda made you proud pops.
We didn’t knock a single door this week, it was awesome, and we received nine references, and had seven new investigators. The people are flowing in for sure. I know it’s a blessing from Heavenly Father because we have been working hard these last few weeks and now were finally reaping some blessings. It’s so fun.
I have felt like an old man this week because Thursday I hit my six months mark! It’s seriously flying by so fast. I have so much more to do this year and six months I don’t know if I’ll have time to do it all, I might have to extend a few transfers...... what d ya’ll think?? haah

One cool experience this week was we met this guy names Alegria (joy) and sat with him in a lesson.  He has no wife or kids (very rare) and he was born with a clubbed foot and only one eye and a cleft pallet, but he taught himself to walk, and sing and play guitar and he’s pretty famous in Angola. He’s been on tv before and all that. He is the most humble guy ever. we told him about how the gospel will bless his life and he said he just want to give himself to god and he knows that is the only way he will one day have happiness. He was so humble and I could feel the spirit working through us to tell him that god loves him and that one day he will be whole and have eternal life. It was such an amazing experience. There are so many humble elect people in Angola. I love them all. Well sorry to cut this off, but my time is out.  Love you all so much and hope you know that.

mom no dont worry no effect from all the mosquitos, I take my malaria medication every day that I remember!:)
Graham, challenge accepted for the soccer game! I can’t wait buddy.

I love you and pray for you all! Have a good week.
My challenge is for everyone to do something nice for someone you don’t know this week. Charity!!!!!!!

com muito amor,
Elder Montgomery

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