July 5, 2012

Teaching and Learning

como voces estao??? eu amo voces muito! eu estou muto bem no CTM aqui!!! EU AMO sindo UM MISSIONARIO!!!!!!!!!!
How are you al doing?? i love you all alot! im so good here at the mtc. I LOVE BBEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!
 Mom, first things first ahhahahhha i love you for speaking "portuguese" to me in your emails. i really am thankful for your attempts!:):) i swear! but since here at the mtc the is a bit ofa chasm between spanish and the more refined language of portuguese , i will give you a few tips haha
Good Morning = Bom dia (pronounced bOng)
good afternooon= boa tarde (the de in tarde makes a Gee sound.)
boa noite= goodnight.
eu amo voce is I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
EU AMO VOCES!!!!!!!! (you all!!!) hahah anyways. i swear that is purely out of love i wanna save you from spanish.:)
IM DOING GREAT here at the mtc. really i am. even though the visas are a pain, and i REALLY REALYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY need to go to africa asap, its all in the Lords time and ive gotten some blessings from staying longer: getting to see hunt tomorrow. IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!! and gettign to here the prophet or apostles tonight, and also maybe getting to see zack next week!. im so excited. and on top of all that, i have improved my portuguese very much inthe last two weeks or so,. so that good!!! <---- as you can see my english has gone down the drain tho ahahahh
anyways. this week has been good. were teqaching a ton of lessons and learning how to really help the "investigators" feel the spirit. its awesome.
as for the visas, the call daily from salt lake to the angolan consolate and they said the system is still down but as soon as its back up we will be able to get them shipped here ASAP and welll be on our way to africa. but their definitely not gonna reassign us and so were jsut playing the waiting game. they wont re assign us because our visas ARE approved, they jsut havent sent them. so we know wer ARE going ot africa ahah jsut dont know when! Eu estou bem ainda...... WHOA!!!!!!!!!! i just started typing in portuguese and not even realizing it!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS WERID! i meant to say im good still jsut hanging in here. i appreciate all the love sent my way and i know that you are all praying for me. i am for you all as well.
there are letters to the whole family in the mail as of monday morning. i hope you all know how much i love you!!!!!!!!
MOM! thank you so much for the pray of the children lyrics! is there any any any way someone could find like piano sheet music and maiil it to me? i think ill still be here haah i wanna sing that in church. if thats ok and anyone could find it ide love that!
UGH i have to go. i love you all so much! pray for visas! and then ill be able to email and call again later in the week if i get them! i lvoe tyou all! kiss the grandbabies for me! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS CHURH IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! i know with my whole heart. and with my whole heart i love you all!!!
-elder colin Jay MOntgomery

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