July 9, 2012

THUG LYFE!!!!!!!

OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats the very first clue! I HAVE BEEN SPEAKING pORTUGUESE FOR THE LAST WEEK!!!:):):)
holy cow so much has happened i dont even have any idea where to stat. so ikll just go through the days.
obviously got to talk to all of you and loved that more than anythng. When we landed i got picked up and taken to the mission home where they were havng family night for all the Senior couples. It was realy cool to hear all their testimonies and have a REAL homecooked meal from sister Jeppson President Jeppsons Wife. They are from Utah and are AMAZING> then about 930 that night after i emailed you they told us to get our stuff andwe were shipping out to our areas. I got sent tooo............ NEWARK!!!! The area im in is called Ironbound. Because it is in the inner city between two railroad tracks. It is about 90% brazillian its crazy! im in a dupla (companionship) my companion is named Elder Pires. Hes born in Brasil but grew up in Chicago and Miami. He speaks Fluent Portuguese. The other companionship in our partment is Elders Galvez from guatemala city, who speaks fluent spanish englih and Port. and elder Carlos da Silva from Sao Paulo Brasil. His english is pretty goood. BAsically what im saying is there are four portuguese elders and all speak fluent portuguese. except me haahhah  its been a amazing learning experience. So i got settled in that monday night then went to bed cause it was late.
Tuesday we woke up and it was work time! Holy cow. i still cant believe its only been a week. Anyways we studies till 11 then went out proselyting. We did alot of trying to find former investigators in a town/area called Kearny. That was really cool. I got my VERY FIRST DOOR SLAMM!!!:):):) it was this 10000 year old portuguese guy with one eye and all he yelled was "ANDA!!!" (WALK!) hahaah it was crazy. And its really funny because noone here can say my name. the list so far of trys is haliarious.
Motn jgweipufghiud
Mont groceries
mont geometry
mont oh goe merrie
mont o gomerriesec
elder........ (staring at my nametag)
allllllll with heavy portuguese accents. It makes for a fun day!!! hsahah
Anyways so tuesday we tracked all day with no success. So we taught one lesson to a member and his son. It was a blur of words i never heard in my life. i felt like elder calhoun off the best two years "elder what language was that?" "that was portuguese" " well then im in reall trouble cuz that aint the language they taught me at the mtc!" hahah it was exactly like that. i just mirrored elder pires. When he looked up a scripture. i fdid too. when he looked sad so did i. when he laughed, you can bet elder montgomorrah was cracking up too. mostly at himself because he had NO clue what was being said ahahahhaahha i love it. after wards we ate at a members house. It was called a churrasco (shoe haas co) and it was all brazillian food. super good. BESIDES THE YUCCA! i thought it was potatoe so i took a huge portion and i could barely finish it. its like a mix of textures of celery an d baked potoatoe but as long as you chew it never breaks down, and it has ZERO flavor. it was so hard ot swallow but i did it!!! ahaah
so that was alll tuesday.
Wednesday was the fourth of july. we had kinda a day of. We studied normal and then had zone meeting where the whole zone had a little lesson and stuff. that was cool. after we had another churrasco haahhaah i got here at just the right week really, its been the joke thi whole week that all we do in morristown is churrasco churrasco churrasco (as a verb this time). i joke with the elder that thats all they do here hahaha
anywasy so we had the churrasco and played basketballl and ping pong and that was fun,. after we went back and showered then went out and worked. teaching one lesson to members again. that was all. then we got prermission from president jeppson the the whole mission could watch the fireworks so we got to go to houboken (riverside city on the hudson river right across from NYC>) that was super cool. and i gave out passalong cards like a boss.
THURSDYA!!!! this was my favorite day by far. We have a car, but thursday in the walking day for the whole mission where everyone doesnt use cars. We wwent to a little town cale harrison and were knocking doors and had ZERO success. Then these tow guys pull up and started to get out of a work van and go in their house and we approached them and asked if we could share a message about Jesus Christ. they said sure and invited us in:):):) VERY RARE when all was said and done, we ended up going inside and teaching one of the guys and his wife the ENTIRE first lesson about the restoration of the gospel and the First Vision. I got to tell the story about joseph smith . AS i told the story abd bore my personal testimonythat i KNOW it is true i kept constant contact with the womans eyes.  i looked at Franciani (her name) and said Eu sei que JOseph Smith Foi um profeta verdaderio e que ele veu Deus e Jesus Cristo . (i know thta Joseph SMith is a true prophet and that he saw God and JEsus Christ.)
I knew she was feeling th spirit so strognly. it was amazing. we commited her to reasd the beginning of the book of mormon and pray about it and she said she would. I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we called back on satudy and she had read too! we have an appointment with her on tuesday. So pumped.
friday saturday and sunday were REALLY uneventful. we taugh a few lessons and proseyted a ton. I get along so good with elder pires. Hes hilarious and a good teacher and helps me a ton.
Today is pday and we get to email and im writeing a few letters i really hope i have time to write them but im not sure. il try to email everyone. here is my address. BUT I dont know how long ill be here. BUt send mail anyways! ill get it somehow. dont send packages or anything ii dont need anything i promise:) but if you want letters are fine. i love oyu all so much

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