December 9, 2013

Wonderful Week

Kito's baptism, he and his family have been taught for 9 months, last week he and his wife were married. 
Elder Mariquele, Yeanoplos, Kito, Elder Montgomery, Tingey, and Clifford
Dec. 7, 2013

69 Weeks in Angola                                                                                        Dec. 9, 2013

So this week was as wonderful as the last. And this week coming will even be more wonderful. Why?? Hard, work, great attitude, thanksgiving, and consecration. Those are the things I’m focusing on to better myself lately. Its going good. I have a lot of work left to go though that’s for sure. 
So this week had a few awesome events!
 -mission conference with Elder Kevin S. Hamilton of the second quorum of the 70, 
-Kito got baptized
Transfers!!! I’m staying in Benfica, sad to say Elder Merkley is leaving, but stoked to work with Elder Banta!!!! Its gonna be super fun and he’s a very hard worker I know so we will do work. Elder Merkley goes to Viana to be with Elder Fergeson.
- I got the four envelope packages!!!!!
So yeah it was a very good week. But also the week was good with work. We set baptismal dates with three guys, 20 17 and 15, all prospective missionaries. So cool. I think they will all pull through!

So the highlight of the week was for sure the mission conference. I took like ten pages of notes in two hours that Elder Hamilton spoke. He definitely reminds me a lot of Elder Bednar in the way he teaches and talks and all that. super cool.
He spoke on the path that leads to exaltation. It is a straight and narrow path that has to pass through certain gaits and checkpoints, baptism, the temple, etc, an without those gaits and checkpoints people will NEVER make it to eternal life. It is essential that we teach the path. Elder Holland said, "if you can convince me of the WHY, I’ll figure out the HOW" he told a story of some members in the Congo, two men who rode ONE bicycle over 8 days to go to stake conference where they received the Melchizedek priesthood. Two guys one bike, 8 days, across the country to listen to their priesthood leaders and receive the power of God so they can serve others. Talk about consecration!!!!
 So he talked about how our investigators, if they do not take the very first steps, reading, praying, coming to church, they will not keep and honor baptismal their temple covenants. That’s how we can know who to focus on. The people who show the desire. Even if they’re not perfect. Desire is universal. 
So I learned a lot from that,  and me and Elder Banta will have some extra finding time, but we will find those who will receive us and the Lord. I’m so excited!!!!

I love doing this work. I am so blessed to have great leaders, and examples all around me. Not only my mission president, and family, and friends, but in the mission also. Elder Hyde and Clifford, as the assistants to the president, who I’m so stoked that Clifford will live with me and Hyde now, and also Elders Merkley, Mariquele, Rigby, and Petersen. All amazing elders who make me better every day.
I’m really really trying to do my best to consecrate myself and these next few months of my mission. My favorite quote from Elder Hamilton, I don’t know if he made it up or not, but I liked it- 
"you have two years to do it, and a lifetime to think about it. " NO REGRETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m doing my best and will do better every day to make sure I am giving all my heart mind might and strength to the lord. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful to teach it to this people in Angola. 
I love allllll of you so much and am so thankful for the packages!!! The four bubble packages got here and Greg I got your letter! Loved it and am writing yours right now. 

I love you all, have good safe weeks, and know I love you! Make someone better, serve, be Christlike, and love one another! 
com amor,
Elder Colin Montgomery

Elder Clifford says hi!!!

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