December 2, 2013

So Much to Be Thankful for !

Simple things that make him Smile

Thanksgiving Day Soccer Tournament Championship 2013
does Elder Montgomery make the penalty shot for the win ? 
or does Elder Domingos (who has been playing soccer all of his life) block the shot.  

The long awaited marriage of Kito and Miloca,Congratulations.

68 Weeks in Angola
OLa miinha familia!                                                                                        Dec. 2, 2013
I love you all so much and hope that everyone had a marvelous Thanksgiving and is now in the awesome Christmas spirit! I sure am!
So this week was a really good one. crazy and stressful at a few times, but super good. 
Monday we had a half pday because of Thanksgiving, but it was good to get out and start the week off with a hard day of work!
   Elder Rigby and Elder Peterson are walking together as companions, and they are both in the field for only 9 weeks so far!!! >ELDER PETERSON AND RIGBY ARE STUDS!!!!! I never ever could have walked with someone my same time in the mission before I even got done training. But Elder Rigby and Peterson have completely amazed me and are rocking in their area, both with only 11 weeks in Angola. They are very diligent and are progressing both together very well. They’re my heroes of the week! 
Wednesday we received Elder Andre, (Angolan) and Elder Brown in our house, who were in Lubango, but for Elder Andre to get his visa to Portugal they are in Luanda, so there is 8 elders living in our house right now. It’s a lot!!!! Very crowded but FUN. There’s always someone to talk to haha
Wednesday night we went with our branch president to visit a member recent convert who needs some help, so we took our branch president there, and had a really good visit with her. But the really cool thing was when my comp, Elder Merkley, bore his testimony about a personal experience of keeping the  Sabbath day holy to the member, and the spirit was SO strong. Elder Merkley doesn’t usually say a lot, he’s a pretty quiet guy, but I am learning so much with him because when he bears his testimony he does it with power and authority, and the sprit floods upon the lesson. It’s truly amazing and I love learning with him. The spirit doesn’t care what we say, he wants to guide  our words and then they will be powerful. Something I’m trying to learn. Elder Merkley is teaching me so much!
Thursday,,, was AMaZING. Thanksgiving, turkey bowl, but soccer. We the Bem fica bate bwe beat the Luanda 2 big red underdogs in the first game semi finals, but then lost to the Lumbago laser cats in the final, the picture I sent of me taking a penalty shot would have won the game but Elder Domingo’s blocked it:(
So we lost but had so so much fun playing. Then we alllll helped to make the t-day diner, I peeled like 20 pound of potatoes and am now a pro at peeling a potatoes with just a knife. Dinner was amazing, then we made skits and just had fun. It was a blast to be with all the elders and have so much fun, even though I lost us the game for the championship:(!
So then Friday I went on a division with Elder Clifford  and that was fun , but the highlight of the day was the wedding of Kito and Miloca, Friday night. Me and Elder Clifford, then Dunkley then Tingey taught him and her in Cassequel forever, the whole five transfers when I was there and even more, and they finally got married. I was so happy I wanted to cry. Kito will be baptized on this Saturday, I’m so excited. 
Saturday and Sunday were normal but good days. Our branch had some awesome baptisms, and it was stress free and fun. I loved this week. I learned so much about following the spirit, I’ve been trying to learn from Elder Merkley and I have learned so much. He truly has the spirit and testifies with power and authority. I love watching people hearts be touched and then hearing how they describe the spirit. My face just lights up when someone recognizes the sprint and the lord working using us as his hammer such a fulfilling experience! 
I love you all! I hope the spirit of Christmas fills your weeks and you all remember the birth of the greatest man who ever was born or whoever will be born on this earth, and I promise that he lives! I love you all! Have a good week! I’ll give the details about skype when I find out. No idea yet! I love you!
Have a good week. Remember even though thanksgiving is over all that you are thankful for! Share with those who don’t have. It’s a commandment and part of our baptismal covenants! “weep with those who weep, comfort those that stand in need of comfort”. There are those who are without family or presents or food this holiday season.. My challenge to you all is to serve someone this week. Not someone who you know or who isn’t suffering, but be Christlike and truly help someone this week. YOU'LL HAVE TO LOOK! Opportunities won’t knock on the door. You might have to look a little. But you’ll find it, then don’t let it pass, because Christ wouldn’t!
Love you all!!!!!
com muito amor,
Elder Montgomery!

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