April 30, 2012

#1 email and letter

first email and letter

Date: April 22, 2012 
Area: MTC 
Companion: Castello
 ola meu pais e meu familia,
you so much for your letter/ emails!! Mom i DID write you haha have you not 
gotten it yet?? i Love you all so Much. I cant say that enough. The Mtc is 
amazing. I have loved every second of it, i love my Distreta (my district of 8 
elders) and we all get along so so good. Meu companheiro is Elder Castleton. Hes 
from Salt Lake. We get along so Goood and teach together the most important way 
= WITH THE SPIRIt! he is wayyyy better at portuguese than i am so he helps me 
alot and i am so grateful for him and the obedient example he sets for me. It is 
so amazing to see all the other elders here, that are in the same situation all 
coming together to strengthen and uplift eachother. I sent a letter better 
explaining everything that we do throughout the day and stuff, and it also has 
my testimony, mom if you wouldnt mind typing my testimony up and including it 
with this when you forward it to everyone? i am super short on time. we have 
literally only 30 minutes to email. its times on our screen haha. I want you all 
to know that i love you so much! And i am so grateful for all of your prayers! i 
have definitely felt them every single day. I love you all and i am gratefull 
for all of you being my friends and family. Mom i am sory about this morning, i 
jusrt had a second to type and had to get my point across ASAP. i sent another 
letter explainimng everything that went on so you can understand in private:) I 
am out of time:( so i have to go! but i love you all! if you need to, i can get 
Dear elders every single day, and they are free, so thirty or 40 of those would 
be cool. hah kiding. anyways. i Love you all so much!! tell grammy i said i love 
him and claire and beau!!.
With all the love in my heart,
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery
P.S. im trying to send letters to everyone 
in the family. It will take me a week to get through all them. Patience please. 
and i LOVE Being a missi0onary!!!!
My Testimony:4-22-12…I am learning a ton of Portuguese, and a lot of cool
gospel stuff on my own. It’s amazing the stuff the spirit guides you to when
you’re truly seeking. Here is a description of my first two big spiritual
  1st Day, my first meeting – been at the MTC
for 5 min. we were singing “Armies of Helaman” and we replaced  “we will be the Lords missionaries”  with “We are now the Lord’s missionaries” … I
teared up immediately , I hadn’t felt the spirit that strong since I prayed in
the Sacred Grove.
  Today while reading in “Jesus  the Christ” In  chapter 3 “The need for a Redeemer” , I came
across a profound paragraph (it is too long so I’ll paraphrase) “born of a mortal Mother , He inherited   the capacity to die, begotten by an Immortal Sire, He passed as a heritage the power to
withstand death Indefinitely. He literally gave up His own life, to this effect
is His own affirmation: therefore doth my
Father love me, because I lay down my life to take it up again.
  No man taketh it from me
but I lay it down for myself. I have power to lay it down , and I have power to
take it up again.” 
  This hit me so hard I have
never before realized the fact that the Savior could have removed the nails ,
and walked away from the cross.  He didn’t
 HAVE  to die. The Crucifiction did not kill
him, the Roman Soldiers did not and could not kill Him. He loved you and
me so much that he gave up his own life willingly, and by doing so as a God He
provided a means to over come death for all of God’s children.
  This hit me and
strengthened my testimony of the Atonement and the Savior so much that I had to
share.  I LOVE THE LORD !...

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