September 12, 2012

#4 From Lubango week 5

Lubango Angola 

Elder Montgomery, an Investigator, and Elder Kelsey 

#4 from Angola Sept 10, 2012         last week we only got Pictures which were great but no email letter
ola minha familia!!!
ok so first off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG!!! I can’t believe that its already been a year since you got back from the mission! but then again I’m almost at 5 MONTHS!! ANYWAYS YOU’RE SUCH AN AMAZING EXAMPLE AND I LOVE YOU BROTHER! HAPPY BDAY! oops sorry for the all caps.
So anyways, just a quick run down on the last two weeks. sorry about last week you all heard the power went out as soon as I started email. acontesse.  So the first week was elections. It gets a little crazy here sometimes in Angola so we had to be home early every night and stuff, then Friday the day of elections we couldn’t even leave the house haha we played board games A TOA. Then last week president and sister Thompson got here! That was really cool. Elder Renlund the 70 over southern Africa came with him and we had a really cool zone conference and fireside that night with all the members in Lubango and investigators, and the Huambo missionaries too. it was cool.
Elder Renlund gave a talk about how every single doctrinal question about the church can be resolves with one answer quote: one day in 1820 a young man named Joseph Smith went into a grove of trees to pray... unquote, it was a really cool fireside and all the members and investigators loved it.
After that was just a normal week. My companion and I are getting along fine. We teach a ton and both love to work hard. He’s a really good trainer and I learn something new every day. I have learned from myself a ton about attitude. It’s the one and only thing we can control. knowing that alone has lead to me having a much more happy and successful last two weeks. everything that happens happens, and we can only control our attitude,. I choose to have a good attitude and I choose to have good days and be a good missionary. it’s all about attitude! I have improved my language a ton and talking on the phone isn’t a worry anymore:)
So here in Lubango we do work. We teach tons of lesson and walk everywhere. When I say walk though, I mean hike, because Lubango is in the mountains and there’s no sidewalks, mostly just bumpy dirt trails for sidewalks, so we pretty much hike up and down hills all through the city. Its legit! I love it because I get to come home dead tired every night and I know I have worked hard because my legs hurt like crazy ahah.
Mom, I got your first letter from the Violins! thank you so much! I loved it and it gave me a much needed boost:) I will write one here soon as soon as I have time. We’re just so busy now that I can teach and set up appointments that even our p-days we teach three or four lessons. Like I said, we do work!!
Anyways sorry again if I don’t answer specific questions!:(
but for a small spiritual thought, this week I had my first real I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY moment. Not just saying it but really feeling it. It was after a very spiritual lesson with an investigator and her bore testimony about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. After we left I just had a thought in my head. Yes I miss my family, yes I miss my girlfriend, yes I miss my friends and normal life and everything,,, BUT I LOVE teaching the gospel as a missionary. it was the coolest feeling ever. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! seeing lives change is the coolest thing every and I get it every day. I’m so lucky to be here in Angola serving the people and serving the Lord. I love you all and truly, truly feel you prayers. and I hope you feel mine. I love you all!
Elder Montgomery

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