September 17, 2012

A Good Week, time is flying

Elder Montgomery and Tilley both AZ boys, both in Lubango

oola minha familia! I love you all so much!!!!!                  Sept 17, 2012
ok so first to answer questions,,, if you send a package you don’t need to send peanut butter, i have it here because we have a shopright with American things:) but ya, I would like some crayola twistables if you can manage, they are the best scripture markers! and just another shirt or two if you can. like normal pday shirts that I can were around the house. Other than that i think I’m good. idk. if   I think of something else ill say haha. transfers were this last week and we all stayed here in Lubango, which I’m happy for because I’m really starting to love the people here and I almost have the area pretty memorized!
We eat normal food pretty much every day. It’s not what I expected coming to Africa haha but its nice. The branch here is small so we don’t eat at members too often. I’m glad you all liked the pictures, I  will try to send more, but I didn’t take any this week so next week they’ll come.
 I only have an hour to email and write president and stuff so i have to book it, so sorry when my spelling and stuff sucks. I can’t type very good and I don’t have time to fix it haaha
but yeah mom don’t worry we never drink unfiltered water hahah its ok, I’m not going to throw up a worm or anything.
   This week has been awesome though! I’ve been having really bad problems with blisters but this week they all went away and I’m fine now which helps because I can walk with a good attitude always!
Today for pday the Violins are taking us to this place called tundavala, I guess it’s just like these really huuuuuuge cliffs. So I’ll send pictures next week:) and you can all google it!
President Kretly and Thompson come this week so it will be cool to have some more spiritual meetings with them. and hopefully they’ll bring all your letters with you.
  this week on the 18th is my five month mark!!!! crazy its flying by so fast I’ll be home before any of you know it!!!
   So here in Lubango it should start raining this week which has got me super super excited to use my boots and all that . I’ve always loved the rain. and they say it rains a toa ( Portuguese for crazy a ton ) here so I’m excited! I’ll be here for six more weeks like I said transfers were last week.
This week was really cool. A kid we met who totally blew us off and said he gave his book of mormon away, he came to church, and said something clicked in him with the spirit and he totally felt the need to repent and change his life. his name is Paulo. We had an amazingly spiritual lesson with him, and it was awesome. I’m really excited to see how he progresses.
sorry this was pretty much the spiritual thought for the week. it’s been a super busy week I hate it I can’t even remember everyone that we met with and stuff  haah.
but ya I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your prayers and love! i pray for each and every one of you individually every day and hope you receive the help. I love you all! till next week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!
Elder Montgomery

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