September 24, 2012

Lubango 9-24-12

Tunda Vala Cliffs of Lubango Angola P-Day
Zone Conf with the new Mission President and Sister Krety, President and Sister Thompson
Dinner out at a Barbecue Resturant
left to right- Sister Violin, Pres and Sister Kretly, Sister and Pres Thompson, 
Elder Tilley, Borden, Chandler ,Guente, Stewart, Harper, Kelsey and Montgomery.
back row- Elder Guente, Chandler, Harper Stewart 
mid row- in suits Montgomery, Kelsey Tilley and Borden
Front row -Pres. and Sister Thompson from Canada, 
Sister and Pres. Kretly, and Elder and Sister Violin from Brazil 
ola minha familia!!!                                                                             Sept. 24,2012
I love you all so much! hope you get my pictures and everything that isn’t along with this. it’s been a good week. love you all!! So here’s this week’s happenings:
Monday went to Tunda Vala, that’s the sweet huge cliffs. i sent two pictures hope they get there.
I hit my five month ,ark this week! so freakin crazy. but a cool feeling to know how fast it all goes, as well as a scary feeling. time is already running out!!!
I LEARNED TO SPEAK a little bit of A TRIBAL LANGUAGE!!! It’s so sweet, it’s called mbundo [imbundu) and its sweet. I tried talking to someone in it randomly just a greeting and they totally understood. super sick!!
    We had another zone conference with President Kretly and President Thompson, it was really cool we learned a ton about real growth in the church and stuff like that.
    In my studies this week I’ve been reading the book of Mormon only in Portuguese. Super amazing because I can understand everything! It has helped me a ton with the language, and also I have read almost to the end of Jesus the Christ. Such an absolutely amazing book and i cant wait to finish it. i truly love learning about Our Savior and everything he did and taught. I’ve learned a ton about his life and the deep doctrine, it just stinks that were not allowed to teach it to people ahahh and its kind of impossible to do in Portuguese.
but ya. it was a pretty slow week besides all that stuff. I’ve been perfectly healthy and had a fast because two of the elders in our apartment have been sick for a week, and it was so cool to feel the lord lift me up and bless me with energy during the day while it was so hot and we were walking a ton and I was fasting, I received so much help. Super cool feeling.
sorry really quick I just remembered to tell you mom, if you send a package do it through DHL,, that’s what everyone and the violins here said to do, the safest and fastest way to do it I guess, and if you haven’t already sent it I thought of some things I need,,, if you can find one, one of those super powerful flashlights, like the small ones the cops have, just because the small one I have is garbage and the batteries last like 4 hours max. , and also some head phones, the good kind not the ipod ones, but the kind I always used that actually stay in my ears, and if you can find it, there’s a band called the ‘Lower Lights”, it’s a bunch of contemporary singers from different Utah bands that got together and redid a bunch of hymns and its legit, if you can find their cd anywhere send that too, if not its ok.
sorry I know that was just like a give me give me, but I didn’t have time to type it last week! anyway, I love you all and I’m so thankful for you! I truly am so thankful for the opportunity I have had this week to learn more about my savior and redeemer Jesus Christ and everything he did for us. I love him and that is why I am serving this mission, to spread his gospel and love to all those who will hear. I cant wait to meet him again one day.
    I’m sorry I gotta cut it short I’m running out of time! but I hope you all know how much I love you! Have an amazing week and know I’m praying for you all! Give the babies my love and graham a what’s up mammyyy for me. I love you all!!
Elder Montgomery

ps, send my love to the Martin Family, that’s so crazy I didn’t even know he was sick. love you all!!

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