December 10, 2012

Mission: 35 weeks in Angola: 18 weeks

its all alright!              Week 18 in Angola ~ 35 on Mission
Ola minha familia!                                                      Dec10,2012

Sorry about last week. My message was saved on a pen drive but the
computer I was using deleted my message before I could send it. but
don’t everyone worry, I’m here for sure this week. We got library cards
to a media library here in Lubango so I will be a lot more regular at
This week was a good one. My "dad" got transferred to Luanda, and a
Mozambican elder named elder Sande came in place of Elder Kelsey. So
that’s cool. he’s from “Beira”  Chels! and he said he was always around the
“care for life” groups. I still gotta show him your picture to see if
he’ll recognize you.
Me and Elder Borden finished off the transfer good, and we are staying
another transfer here in Lubango together. It should be good. We have
a few baptismal dates marked for this transfer so that will be cool.
funny story, one of our new families, we went to their house one day
and the dad was drunk out of his mind, and he was a sad crying drunk,
so he was holding my hand and hugging me and begging me to help him and
putting his head on my lap and stuff like that. hahaha super funny.
BUT the next day we woke him up at 7 am in the middle of his hangover
recovery and we taught him and his wife the palavra de sabedoria. (word of wisdom)super
cool. Then they came to church, we’re gonna set them a baptismal date
for this next month in January. should be awesome.
Saturday, the last two people who have been baptized both got the
aaronic priesthood this week. sick!, and the mom of the husband of the
couple who lost the baby, had a super cool dream about the
missionaries calling her across the river in Lehi’s dream, needless to
say it was a confirmation to her that she needed to get baptized and
she was baptized Saturday, that was a true miracle for sure!
Mom just to answer questions, yes it is SKYPE for <Christmas not
facetime. I’ll use the Violins account and you can just use yours,. NOON
Christmas day ARIZONA TIME!!! if that works for everyone, awesome. if
not, let me know ASAP so I can figure out another time, and mom for the
Christmas card pic of me just do one alone.
  Anyways. I love you all. I’m doing a little bit better from those slum
weeks I had the last two weeks, just getting a little down and satan
piles it all on. BUT I’m overcoming, no need to worry. All I need are
your prayers and some Christmas packages and letters would be sick
too hhah
but ya. I love you all! I hope you all know that. Sorry for when I
wrote the downer emails. I’ll try to be positive every week and find
the best stuff to tell yall~!
Love you all. Thanks for the prayers and love. sendin em right back!!!
fiquem fiche!(stay cool!)
love ya all!
Elder Montgomery

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