December 31, 2012

Feliz Ano Novo ~ Happy New Years

21 weeks in Angola
HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                       Dec. 31,2012
ola minha familia!!!!!holy cow, Christmas was amazing being able to see all your beautiful faces! I loved that and could have not asked for more for Christmas.
I hope your weeks have all been as good as mine. The highlights was obviously Christmas for me,. Other than that , the week was very normal and we just worked and had fun. It was a good week!
MOM AND GRAHAM!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! para bems para voces! nestas datas queridas! muita felcicidade muitos anos da vida! (congratulations to you guys! those dates dear! much happiness many years of life! ) I LOVE YOU BOTH! happy birthday mom and graham!
 So ya like I said. This week pretty normal. I think the only major accomplishment was that I became even more of a nerd and learned how o play chess I’ve only won once haha but it was legit and now I can put another check on my nerd bucket list!!!!
  Still haven’t gotten any packages or heard that any have gotten here, but I’m hoping that today I’ll hear some good news. We’ll see!
But ya let me see what happened this week. Wednesday we went back to work and worked through Saturday obviously hah it’s been pretty rainy here this week, but we managed to not get stuck and get wet at all, so that’s good. Other than the rain and skype the week was pretty normal. I always scramble to remember anything significant that happened ahh umm I ate goat, cow liver, and some other mystery part of a goat, I think like the spinal cord. I don’t know ahh but after Christmas I’m definitely doing amazing. just happy and stoked for 2013!! THIS IS THE "YEAR" OF MY MISSION!!!!! time for me to do work
I love you all and am constantly praying for you all! have awesome New Years tonight!!
BOAS FESTAS!!!!!!!(Happy Holidays)
love you all!!!
Elder Montgomery
ps wow that was super short. sorry! I’ll write more next week I promise!!!

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