January 7, 2013

265 Days on My Mission

#22 weeks in Lubango    265 days on Mission                                  Jan.7, 2012
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first off, I just wanna have a big I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! ok, now that that’s off my chest, this week was sick! first off, new years!  Elder Hyde and I stayed up and put chairs on the tin roof of the chapel and stayed up till 12:45 watching a fireworks show they had at Cristo Rei, the big statue above Lubango, then Wednesday through Saturday was normal, and President Thompson came down from Luanda since he couldn't before Christmas. They had interviews, which were awesome, and then went on visits with us Sunday, and today we've been sight seeing, I’ll send some pictures next week haha my camera battery acabo. (ran out) but ya, I love President and Sister Thompson. They’re so amazing and loving. I have loved being able to meet with them and receive their counsel. President helped me a lot. My packages still haven’t come, but I’m  praying and having faith that they will, and I’m sure they’ll get here eventually. Maybe I’ll just bring them on the plane home with me next year haha
   So I haven’t hit my nine month ark yet, I will here in a week or two, BUT! today marks day 265 on the mission, so only 100 days till I hit a year!!!!!!!!!1 can any of you believe that? Because I can’t haah its super cool though. I’ve felt like this last month FLEW by. it’s so weird but true exactly what Greg said, days are like months , but months are like days. it has and I’m sure will continue to fly by. Especially since this is "the year" of my mission, meaning this is the only calendar year I will spend completely in my mission. So cool. To answer your question mom, yes, I made a ton of goals and write them in my journal to remember and check off. One of them is reading the entire book of Mormon in Portuguese. I started this week, and it’s going good! I finished it one more time in English this last week, which marks my fifth time having read it cover to cover. I also want to read D&C and the New Testament both in English this year. I already started the New Testament and am in the end of mark already, it’s so amazing and helps my teaching so much when I can look up and show proof and scriptures in the bible helps a TON! Especially with teaching young evangelical kids who know the bible like the back of their hand.
Me and elder Borden have a baptism scheduled for this week on the 12. His name is Lino, he’s a 33 year old single man who we met his brother and started teaching. We gave Lino a book of Mormon two weeks ago. He finished it yesterday!!! and is already reading it again! So nuts!!!!!! he’s going to be baptized this Saturday and I’m super excited to stay and work with him here in Lubango,  he will be the very first person I’ve found, taught, and baptized all while I the same area. I’m super excited. He will definitely be a leader of the church someday here. His brother Isaac should be baptized here in the next month, so it will be cool because Lino will probably be able to baptize his brother. Super excited for them!
 ... Anyways, I love you all and I'll wrap this up. I am so grateful for all of your love prayers and thoughts. I really do feel them an am lifted by them! Thank you all for the emails and letters. I can’t wait to hear from ya’ll and tell you about Linos baptism. Until next week! I love you all! I’m doing really good, and am very happy with the fact that I’m here serving the Lord in Angola. LOVE YA ALL!!!!!!!
Your’s truly,
Elder Montgomery
ps. tell alllllll my bros who are getting their calls and have gotten them congrats!!!! love you all bros!

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