January 31, 2013

#25 weeks in Lubango ~ 9 Months on Mission

#25 in Lubango, Angola
Ola minha familia!!!                                                                                        Jan 28th, 2013
So the missionary in Lubango is sick. as in he’s cool. Don’t know what’s with the third person, but ya’ll good here in Africa.
 Soorry I’m kinda weird,,, anyways, this week was good! Hope your all having sick (good days) days as well. This week we have been trying to focus on members a lot to build up our branch family, because its like 80 percent investigators in church on Sunday hah not too bad for us missionaries! but the members need help stepping it up. So that’s what our focus has been lately. but ya the week went by really fast, it’s been hot, and dry, but then yesterday and today we got dumped with rain. If you look for us on Google maps we live by supermercado lueje, or by INEA its a big government building. Don’t now how else to explain it.
 So I got your calendar and the pictures and flashlight and all that this week from a shipment from Luanda. thanks a ton! It wasn’t quite Christmas, but it was better than nothing. I loved getting the cards and all that. thanks a ton!
 wow, I am struggling to find things to write bout lately. All the weeks just kind of blend together . Sorry if my letters get shorter and shorter by the week!
 some small news though, Elder Cook the seventy is visiting our mission from South Africa on February seventh, and instead of him coming to Lubango, they are flying all us missionaries up to Luanda! missionary vacation!!!!! not really we’ll only be there for like 2 days, but it will be cool to get to meet the rest of the mission. I will no longer be the ghost missionary of Lubango! bummer.
 still no packages, but Elder Borden got one that was like 2 months late,, so there’s still hope!!!!!!!!!
 but ya, sorry no pictures this week. Nothing spectacular happened!
 I love you all!  promise I’m working my tail off and trying to always to do my best. love you all tons! thanks for the emails and loves!!! have awesome weeks.
Loves from Lubango!
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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