February 4, 2013

"Be an Instrument in the Lords hand"

Week #26 in Lubango, Angola

Taking cover with the goats and cows cause its raining cats and dogs. :) 

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#26 Weeks in Lubango, Angola"be an instrument in the lords hands"
Ola Minha Familia!!!!!
hope this letter finds you all doing good. I had an awesome week for sure and am excited to have some cool stuff to wrote home about,,,,, 
One of the mornings this week I was doing studies and praying very hard d for help to have a good week, and to know what Heavenly Father wanted me to do and say to our investigators this week so that they could all progress. The spirit very clearly told me, to just work hard, and "be an instrument in the lords hands" I immediately put myself to study and went through and found all the scriptures in the BOM that talk about being an instrument in the lords’ hands, there’s a ton! Most of them are in Alma and talking about Alma and the sons of Helaman. It was a very cool experience and I changed it to my motto for the next little while, and put it on the back of my nametag, you should all have gotten my picture. 
Next cool things was another spiritual experience in my studies, I’m reading the book of mormon in Portuguese cover to cover and the new testament in English. I came a across a really cool scripture in John 5:6. it talks about Jesus at the pools off Bethesda and talking to the cripple man who could never get to the pool in time. Jesus simply says to him "Wilt thou be made whole?" I was immediately over come with the spirit and could not stop thinking about how our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ is ALWAYS there right there in front of us. We sin, we do stupid stuff, we need to be cleansed, healed and forgiven,,,, and ALL we have to do is open our hearts, take away our pride, and answer to the lord Yes I will be healed. because he is always, always, always right there in front of us waiting for us to turn to him in repentance asking us "wilt thou be healed?" amazing experience and I hope my scatterbrained testimony made sense. just extremely grateful for the Lord and everything he did and does constantly for us. I truly love my Savior and am grateful for his sacrifice for me. 
N's baptism 1-2013

Next cool experience, I did da da da dum, my very first ever ordinance on the mission, I was chosen by N., the 8 year old son of a member to be the one who confirmed him in church this Sunday. Super amazing experience. ya not a convert baptism, but still an amazing spiritual saving ordinance experience. My legs were shaking like CRAZY and wouldn’t stop till sacrament meeting was over haaahaah sure funny., but ya he’s such a stud, gonna be an
awesome kid here. I sent  the pictures already...
   Those were my cool experiences this week. short week this week and then Thursday were off to Luanda!!! woohoo. I’m pumped to meet everyone and Elder Cook too. Ill make sure and send pictures. 
   To answer questions,,, yes, they got about 28 more generators for the city up and working, so we have power much much more now. it’s awesome. yes that is how bad the infrastructure of Angola is.......... the city of over a million people Lubango, uses all of its energy from gasoline\diesel powered generators about the size of our house. 
   haah anyways, but ya power and water are both better. I’ll send pictures of our apartment this week. We have a shower that has a handheld shower head, but it only pumps cold water, so that’s why we take bucket showers because then it’s hot, ahah 
   Anyways I’ll wrap this up... I love you all so much! I’m so grateful for all your love and prayers, and I  promise I don’t and won’t ever forget you all in my prayers!!! Love you all!!!!!!!
Your Lubangan elder
Colin jay Montgomery

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