February 23, 2013

LDS NEWS : Announced 58 new Missions Created

58 New Missions Created and 
 is at the top of the List
the work is rolling forward, and our "Elders are laying the ground work 
for hundreds of thousands" by Elder Carl B. Cook 
Angola Area Conference Feb.8,2013
Presiding Elder Carl B. Cook
Back Row L-R Walker,2,Hannay,Tingey, Davis, Tolman, Hansen, Chatwin, Harper, Brown, Clifford, Montgomery, Stewart, Wilhelm, Ferguson, Borden, Hobbs, Craig, Cafferty, Wilson, Perry
Middle- Rainbolt,Tilley,Whittaker,Castleton,Pimentel,Hyde,Arrington,Richter, Eckman, Kelsey, Banta, Chandler, McCune, McAllister, Dredge, Kearney, Sande,
Front- Sister Lopes, Sister Thompson, President Thompson, Elder Carl B. Cook, Sister Cook, Sister Kretly, President Kretly, Sister Violin, Elder Violin, Ndala 

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