February 25, 2013

NEWS from Angola- New Mission, New transfer, New companion

29 in Lubango
Ola Minha Familia!!!!!!!                                                                      Feb.25,2013
 to start off the news that most of you already know, I think the whole church does, because it was a huge announcement, but IN JULY THE ANGOLA LUANDA MISSION IS BEING CREATED AND BECOMING ITS OWN MISSION ASIDE FROM MOCAMBIQUE!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! OUR mission president is Danny L. Merrill, and that’s all I know about him. The missionaries are all super excited, but the members it really changes nothing, especially in Lubango haha so they don’t really know the difference I think.  but ya, super super pumped!!! and then the next news!!!! I’m getting TRANSFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be going to an area called Cassaquel up in Luanda and will be companions with ELDER KYLE CLIFFORD!! He’s from mesa! dad, you’ll be proud to know that he is a mesa jackrabbitt!!!!! haha we’ve met and hung out a few times and he’s a super cool kid. I’m pumped to go to the area up in Luanda and work with him. 
 ...Elder Borden ... goes home the first week of April, so count six week intervals from April fourth to see when I’ll be home in 014 ahah,  his new comp is Elder Hansen he will be great to work with. 
  Anyways I am sorry for being boring, I don’t really have much to say. We’ve had to drop some of families this week because they all aren’t progressing or working towards marriage. it’s really sad, but at the same time the lord has blessed us with some new families and Broden and Hansen will have them to work with.
  Where I’m going Cassaquel is the biggest branch I think in Luanda, and it has the strongest member base, which will be 10000 percent different from Lubango, so that will be a new experience. Im So excited to be working with Elder Clifford,  I’m only 6 weeks older than him on the mission so well keep progressing together. I’m stoked for that not being the "baby companion" haaha
  Anyways, mom  to kind of answer your question, I actually am planning on going back to the Y. change of heart. I don’t know why,, but  bom bom bom suprise....
ugh I don’t know what else to say! I’m sorry fam. not writing anything more ! Know that I love you all to the end of the earth. I’m hoping with all these changes I will have cool stuff to write next week!| I pray that all the changes go good! I fly to Luanda Wednesday afternoon and night taking a stop in ONJIVA. first one to find that on a map winns. haah
anyways, I love you all! Pray for me and I’ll always pray back! Hope you like the pictures of soccer and the bugs in our house! and the twin bananas the Violin’s had.so weird ahaahah anyway, love you all! Have sick weeks! Give my love to the babies. Love you!!!!!!!!!! 
Son, friend, bro, and all that,
Elder Montgomery

this little rascle was in their Apartment , 
I'm guessing a praying mantice. 

a storm a brewing look at the side walk in a rural area ?? go figure

Yes we have no banana's~  we have twins, reaaa

Soccer, Soccer, and more Soccer

I love P-day soccer  

Tres Amigos
Montgomery, Clifford, and Hyde at Mission conference,
 Elder Clifford will be Colin's new comp

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