March 4, 2013


Happy Colin
 1st Christmas package arrives it took 3 1/2 months 

First transfer leaving Lubango,after serving there 6 months,
Saying good-bye 
to his mamma and papa there Elder and Sister Violin
he loves and will miss them, they go home in March.

Marking his dates in Lubango 
#30 weeks in Africa
Transferred to Cassequel, Luanda
#1 in Cassequel!!!!!!!!
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          March 4, 2013
Holy cow lots to write this week I’ll get going. answering  questions first
Luanda, the plane ride and everything went off without a hitch. I checked all my luggage for free so that was cool. I went to Onjiva then up to Luanda, and got in about 1830. President and Sister T. and Elder C., we took the like one mile drive home to the Cassequel c / Luanda 1 apartment which tool  like an hour because traffic in Luanda is the worst in the world. got to the apartment and unpacked. We went out and tried to teach but the people weren’t home so we planned and hung out a little then went to bed. So that was the first day, I’ll tell about the rest of the week in a second haha. also that night I got my package from you mom the I think the second   one you sent that had my stocking in it and the letters and Christmas cards from all the ward members and the sd card, loved that a ton!! so awesome. still no word on the other three. but we’ll keep praying haha.
We don’t live in the Cassequel chapel where Robby lived our apartment is way better than that. but I have seen it. Holy cow. That was pretty bad! I’ll send pics next week of our apartment sorry I totally forgot to take pics this week, and I don’t walk with my camera in my back pack anymore so it doesn’t get stolen, so I don’t know  how good of pictures I’ll send, but I’ll still try my best for sure.
Mom the only thing I want is the hygiene stuff I said last week. American deodorant,. Other than that the only other thing I need is shoes!!!! my Nikes sadly are about to bite the dust, and for my bday I would love some new shoes, but you all know how bad I am with choosing shoes haahahahah so I know this is mean and you don’t get the gratification of sending them to me, but money for my bday so I could buy new workout shoes. . but there’s always the chance of them getting lost. but ya, just let me know what you want me to do. That’s all I can think of right now that I want for my bday. OH and I need more socks!!!! I’m an old missionary now and all my socks are getting worn out. Like 5 new pairs of 100% percent cotton socks would be awesome,those are my bday wishes.  
Mom talk to Sis C., me and Elder C. have the exact same bday! 4 12 1993, and he was born in mesa too so I’m guessing its banner desert. We’ll see.
ok ANYWAYS Luanda and me and Elder C. are getting along awesome. We have set two baptismal dates already with like 5 more prospective dates for March and April. Our area is on fire and me and C. have already agreed and set the goal that we want our area to be the example of the mission. Totally possible and well totally do it. I’m so pumped. We get along great and teach together awesome. I’m so pumped. Luanda is crazy.. I’ve already seen some crazy fights and some elders got mugged really bad last week. I won’t say names so moms don’t freak out haha but their fine now. Me and Elder C. have a pretty safe area though so I’m not worried at all. We’re smart.
but ya. We have taught already so many new people that already have baptisms and I’m so excited to see how fast this transfer turns into the best of my mission for sure. I’m loving it already!
I’ll write more next week sorry I’m already running out of time!  Dad, sorry about the balance checking thing. atms here don’t give you your balance account on receipts so I checked my account, took out the money, then checked it again to see how much I lost on exchange rates not knowing it takes out 5 bucks every time. I won’t do that anymore for sure. I have to take out the money though cuz I needed emergency travel money, but it’s all good now. I won’t use my card anymore except to buy the shoes for my b-day haha

anyways, I love you all! sorry my times already gone out! I’m loving it here and am so excited for the future here. I feel like these next few transfers are gonna be the best of my mission. So excited! love you all so much! Enjoy the pics and know I love you all!!!!!!!!!!
your missionary
Elder Montgomery

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  1. Yay...he finally got a package. I can't believe he actually got it after all that time. Crazy. Fun reading his letters.