March 24, 2013

32 weeks in Angola

March 18,2013   been serving 11 months today !!!!
first, sorry this is so short, I guess with 11 months under your belt the days kinda mesh together ahah sorry!
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!! love you all!
first to answer questions... mom I got your package you sent in February:) thank you so much! loved it all and stoked for the conference talks in english, even though it’s almost conference again already. CRAZY!!! I’m stoked about the shoes and the next package coming with sister freeman too. thank you so much!
and yes, today we said bye to the violins, they leave for home tomorrow. I got a little teary eyed when I was saying bye, but it’s ok! because I’ll see them in 2014 at October conference they wanna go to GC. that should be fun:)
   dad ahah actually it wasn’t elder Clifford that (she) went to prom with that particular time, it was another kid from highland, but that is super funny. we have lots of fun comparing stories and all the stuff that we know together. we miss and mostly talk about the lake, and Petes fish and chips. oh man. I think that might be my first stop when we get home, there or Matta's, I can’t decide hahhahah
 but ya dad tell uncle bob happy bday for me! love him and all his family!!
  So about my week, it was pretty good. we started the week off working our tails off and it was really GOOD! the only bad part was that at the end of the week, our baptismal candidate disappeared for his interview and didn’t come to church on Sunday, so his baptism will  be put off for a few weeks, I was really sad, and really wanted to see him baptised, but I know it’s all in the Lords time, and I know he’ll get baptized. his name is A.., and he’s a reference from a recent convert here in our branch. if you could all pray for him, to start progressing to be baptized, I’d be really appreciative!
  But ya, our semana ( week)went super fast, it seems like I was emailing you all like two days ago. the work here in Luanda makes the weeks go way faster, and it’s really cool to see all the blessings but I still need to rely on the Lord and your prayers an my prayers every single day.
but ya, me and Clifford get along awesome, and are super stoked kinda for all the work that we have to do, and with the help of the lord, I know well be able to do it all. I’m sorry this is so short, I just don’t have a ton to write haha but I’m so grateful for all your prayers. I truly do feel them and I’m grateful for every single day that I have and for the Lord and the blessings he gives me and all of us. I love you all so much! have good weeks, and stop having so much fun without me! disney, newport, what is this?? and dad and mom, park city for a month?? you’re not retired yet!!!! hahaa but anyways, love you all! have sick weeks and know I’m always thinkin about and prayin for all of you! love you all!
your elder
Elder Colin Jay Montgomery

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