March 25, 2013

Luanda #4 weeks

This baby found the baby powder~ sweetness:) 
Elder F and Montgomery p-day at the beach

Elder F., and Montgomery  at the beach near Cassequel
 March 2013 pday

Elder Wilhelm, Montgomery, and Clifford
Hiking around Cassaquel

Elder M at the beach pday

Ola minha familia!!!!!!!! amo voces tanto!!!!                                                    March 25,2013
This week has been up down and all over the place. Holy cow. Let me think where I can start! Sunday and pday went off all good. I was so jealous to see all your california pics!!! but talking about the work here in Cassequel, after our baptismal candidate got moved back on his date last week we were kinda upset, but got very determined to help him an do everything we could perfectly in our area this week so that we could receive a miracle with him being ready by this next week, and while I’m sad to say that he isn’t doing the best, through our exact obedience we have received so many other miracles this week, despite the rain and very man dropped appointments. we are getting ready to set baptismal dates with almost a whole family probably this week, and one of their friends, she is very prepared and is getting ready to be married in the register in a few months. Then were gonna try to set baptismal dates with the rest of her family. Also we have another investigator who changed their entire work schedule and things like they just so they could come to church. So even though this week was super hard, we have received small blessings.
   Me and Elder Clifford are still getting along great. it’s fun to work with someone who wants to work hard as me too, but sometimes it’s so hard because we can’t control what other people do, so we'll be prepared for an awesome full day and then like a bomb our day just blows up and all our appointments fall through. Its seriously the hardest thing about missionary work is filling up a day with good meaningful lessons. it’s hard, but were working hard too!
   Now to answer questions,,,, yes mom they have police here in Luanda. Mostly traffic police that just stop people at random for bribes, but they have good cops too.
I did get the cake mixes in the Christmas package, I’m probably gonna make the cup cakes today. I just need stuff for the frosting too.
I'll take some pictures of the apartment. If you Google the airport, our house in on rua (street) 18, literally right across from the airport.  The most interesting changes about Luanda from Lubango is that there’s like a billion  people here. So many it’s weird for sure.
    Anyways, a little more I remembered about our week, we had a zone meeting at presidents house, and had an awesome training about becoming an integral person (person with integrity) and how when we become whole, or integral, we become more Christ like, so we need to be complete missionaries, and that will make us whole. The zls showed a mormon message from an Pres Uchtdorf talk (its actually Elder D. Todd Christofferson The gardener..“As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten about a gardener pruning and cutting back a certain bush, and the bush cried and said why did you cut me?? but the gardener said I know what I want you to be,,, years later the gardener was going to be promoted to be a general, and after not getting promoted because he was a mormom ( I think)  he was angry with god and said why did you do this how could you cut me down like this??? The response he heard was his own voice, saying I know what I want you to be. You all need to watch this video o the talk. I automatically was overcome with emotion. at times when I don’t get what I want I get mad at god and ask him why he’s not giving me the blessings of why he’s cutting me down, but what I need to realize and hear  him softly replying, I know what I want you to be Colin. I was overcome with emotion and love for my Heavenly Father. Super awesome experience, and I encourage  you ALL to find and watch that video.
    another cool experience is one of our investigators is a quadraplegic, but has very little use of his arms. We go by his house two times a week to read the book of mormon to him, and he is never mad, sad, or upset, just happy t be alive after his car accident a few years back. He said to tell all of you hi!:)
     Anyways, those are the cool things that I can remember of this week. I love you all so much and am grateful for your prayers!!!
SHOUTOUTS!!!! Aunt Debbie, aunt Diane, and Beau!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! and Greg and Court,, Happy anniversary! That s s crazy I can’t believe it’s been a year already.!  Love you all! have awesome weeks!
com amor,
Elder Montgomery

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