February 20, 2013

True Lubango experiences...

The Caterpillar taste test

Elder B.Crossing a swollen stream/sewer, how'd he do that ?

Soccer Field , beautiful.

Elder Violin Birthday "61" with his new Soccer Jersey
from the Elders. 

The Lululaluka Resort 
Sweetest Couple Violin's 
(like mama & papa to the Elders ) 
OLA MINHA FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!   Feb 18,2013
I love you all so much! hope everyone had a sick week! I’m still here in Lubango for at least two more weeks. turns out its next transfer that is 5 weeks. So I’m still here. But I could leave. I have no idea!!!
First before I forget to answer questions,,, yes I saw and met Elder Tingey, he’s a super cool kid! Sorry I didn’t get a picture totally forgot about that.
The hamburgers cost about 5 bucks, but are huge and disgusting and amazing. love them come with eggs,  ham, corn, cheese, everything,. Their super good.
The resort place we went to is just outside of Lubango it’s called lululaluka ya try pronouncing that one ahha its super cool though they have huts you can rent like a hotel that have legit handmade thatched roofs, but state of the art insides. Super expensive but really beautiful.-

So anyway this week was good!! I’m sorry I don’t really have any sweet spiritual experiences to share, but it was a good week. ill share some of the funny or weird or crazy stuff that happened.
Andre- 70 year old toothless guy in Lubango lives in the middle of the barrio, super poor and all that, and WORKS FOR A COMPANY FROM ARIZONA!!! hahah he sells natural medicine for this company called Forever living products. (* ok a small world thing here Colin’s cousin Kevin works for Forever Living products in Scottsdale AZ) They do like aloe vera medicine and stuff like that. and he sells their stuff to a certain hospital and teaches classes how to use it ahahahhaha so so funny. The company owner is named rick or Rex Maughan or something like that. I thought at first it was the isagenix company or something but it’s different . Anyways, super super funny and random! haha
~second cool or funny thing, its caterpillar season, so they sell them fried and roasted allllll over the street here in like a onion sauce,, and I couldn’t resist any more, I HAD to try one. I bartered with the lady to give me a free try ad if I liked it I would buy more, everyone kept saying it tastes like meat it tastes like meat, and I was like alright it can’t be too bad. I was expecting a crunch when I bit down and instead I got a squirt of nasty guts in my mouth that tasted like what I used to clean out of toilets when I worked for rainforest. it was soooo gross ahahahahahaa lets just say I almost ralphed on the side of the road. but to give you alll the full experience, I had elder B. take a video, so enjoy!
The other cool thing was that ONE just ONE of my packages got to Luanda! I don’t know who’s it is if it’s your’s mom, meg’s, or tori’s, but I don’t care as long as I get it, so don’t give up I have faith the there two will get here too now! That brightened up a very busy work week for me:)
The rest of the week was like I said really busy. we got some records in our numbers so that was really good, and we found tons of new people because we dropped a ton last week who just weren’t allowing themselves or wanting to progress, but my spirits are high, I think I’ll have at least one more transfer here, then it will be just one more year and I don’t care where I go haahh
10 months today!! crazy how fast it’s going. I can’t believe that next transfer will end right about close to my hump day! nuts!!!!

Anyway that’s all for this week! I’m sorry no cool missionary stuff, but I hope the story and pictures will give you all good laughs. I love you all a ton! keep on keeping on and know I’m praying for each and every one of you! loves from Africa!!!!
Elder Colin Montgomery

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