February 3, 2014

Working hard is Good

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 Elder Garcia and Montgomery in Terrra Nova, Luanda 1 area
Elder Montgomery on a cut down Imbomdero Tree

77 weeks in Angola                                                  Feb 3, 2014
Ola minha familia!!! so this week was Awesome, for a few reasons. 
1 me and Elder Garcia both worked really hard and grew as companions and spiritually,
2 we set some more baptismal dates and had some really cool experiences that ill share in a sec, and
3. We were able to reach our goals for doing the lords work. It was hard work, and like I always say, hard work is fun!
 So this week me and Elder Garcia made some very challenging goals as to our personal growth to have the spirit, and to our numbers of people we wanted to find and teach and all that stuff. It was a very fun week. i was exhausted last night an really in need of pday today to rest up for this week. 
During the week though Elder Garcia and I had some really fun experiences and really awesome lessons where the spirit was present and it was because of our preparation and the seeking for the spirit- it was so fun. 
We set three more baptismal dates this week too, so that was cool were teaching a homeless guy who lives in an abandoned house, by our member friends the Rasta guy Dani. Joao the homeless guy has been trying the last two weeks to give us smoking so that he can get baptized, but it hasn’t been super successful he goes four days and then smokes, but were praying really hard and have such spiritual lessons with him that I  know the lord will give him strength to over come the addiction. 
One cool thing we got to do yesterday was take the sacrament to an older lady  in our branch who is blind. I felt like I was a priest again in our ward taking the sacrament to people. It was a very cool experience to take it to her. She hadn’t received the sacrament in over a year, because the branch thought she still lived in Portugal, but as we blessed the bread and water and helped her take it, the spirit was super strong and in her unseeing eyes I could see that she was feeling the spirit and she was deeply grateful for the opportunity to take the sacrament. I love helping older people. As we left her house she was very quiet and just looked so peaceful and happy. It was a great experience. 
Other than that, we just worked our tails off the whole week. The Lord is helping and blessing us so much. I love this gospel so much I love teaching it and seeing the spirit work in people. It truly brings great joy! I love you all and I’m grateful for you! Thanks for all the love and prayers!
till next week! loves!

Elder Montgomery

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